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Who bought the whole season?

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'Fess up!
(And why exactly did you buy it?)

I grabbed mine because Telltale did such a bang up job with the first episode, that how could I not get more of them?

Trust me, I know people that could crack this, burn that, but the simple truth is: if you can't afford much, but something is WORTH your hard earnt cash, SAVE for it.

I did that, and Telltale's hard work paid off to the tune of another $34.95USD.

Keep it up Telltale! The crew slogging away at the making of the game do an excellent job, as do the support teams slaving away on emails and these Forums (heya Emily!), helping clueless newbs figure out how to sort out downloads, purchases, etcetera.

This company sure has it's head on straight. May it never lose perspective like so many others. ;) :)
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  • I decided to order it the moment I heard it was announced. That was like 3 months or something like that before the first episode was out. Just that it was Sam & Max and people who used to work at Lucas Art was enough to make me make up my mind to buy it. I remembered starting up the demo, and before even the intro was done I just said "I'm buying it" and ordered the entire season.
  • This was one of the rare games where the demo really made me feel that I just had to have it (come to think of it, I think I've only really felt the same way about the Worms 2 demo). I bought the season within a few days of playing the episode 1 demo.
    I could've stuck with episode 1 for the time being but I decided that history was being written and that I was going to have the front row seat no matter what. With the series continuing to get better and better, I'm really glad I did.
  • I played the demo, loved it, and bought the season.
    ^^Officially the most boring most ever?
  • I bought the whole season the day it was announced... Wasn't that the same day the new site went up? After Bone II I was convinced that Telltale would succeed :)
  • I only remembered about Telltale and Sam & Max just before the second episode was released. I bought the first episode and loved it so much, I immediately bought episode two.

    Unfortunately I can't afford to spend the whole season purchase at once, and I can't bear waiting past a few episodes until I have enough for the whole season, so now I buy them as they are released...
  • I bought the whole season after I played episode 1 on Gametap.
  • I bought it because I love Sam and Max, and because there is a shortage of good quality adventure games these days. They don't make 'em like they used to.
  • Guilty... (for buying it... Not stealing it ;))

    And why? It's bloody Sam 'n Max for christ sake... And Telltale really rocks!
  • maximmortal;25919 said:
    ... because there is a shortage of good quality adventure games these days. They don't make 'em like they used to.
    amen, brother... or sister.
  • i bought the whole seson right away.

    Because i thougt even if it sucks i buy it just to hit Lucasarts for cancelling S&M :)
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