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Dress Like Hector and Win

posted by Alan Johnson on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users
As Hector would say, "listen up you coachpokers"! Do you aspire to become a slovenly, crass, yet somehow incredibly skilled officer of the law? Do you have the fashion sense of...ah, better yet, do you lack any fashion sense? Does your interior decorating resemble that of a derelict tenement? Also, are you creative? Well then, this contest is for you.


From now until 2:00 pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, May 11, get your most unkempt yet "professional-ish" outfit together (use Hector's garb in the photo above as inspiration if you like) and take a photo of yourself (or have a friend take it, that would be more ideal) in a setting suitable for a dirty detective (ie. a messy office, a boarded up building) and post it in the contest thread (in the Telltale Games Forum) (which you are already in). Once the entry period has ended (2:00 pm Pacific Time on 5/11/2011) I'll create a poll in this thread that includes all entrants and the contest voting period will begin, ending at 2:00 pm Pacific Time on Monday, May 16 - so get your votes in on time. At that time, the three entrants with the most votes will win. I'll announce them here and post the winning entries on the Telltale Games Blog later that day. (If you don't want me to post yours, I won't.)

You're probably wondering what you can win, am I right? Here's what:

A copy of Hector: Episode 1 - We Negotiate With Terrorists for PC/Mac (giftable)
A copy of Poker Night at the Inventory for PC/Mac (giftable)

There's no prize for being first so please take your time on your contest entry (one entry per person); you have plenty of time to sully up some clothes and find a fine location for your shoot. Get creative, use some lighting that matches the look of the game, re-create a scene from the game, go wild! What are you waiting for, get to work on your entry! Good luck!
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