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Hot Gamer Girl needs you !

posted by AJLoCascio on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
Hey Guys !

My hot but very sweet friend Krissie is fighting to be top OHMS Gaming Girl of 2012.

If you feel so inclined she and I would appreciate any votes & if you can spread the word, post it on your blog - facebook, Twitter. Tell 'em Marty Mcfly says "Its her density - I mean destiny."

Here's is the Link - you can vote once a day and who wouldn't want to see this picture everyday! (Might be considered on the risque side)


Feel free to hit me up on Facebook:


A.J. LoCascio

P.S. I often lurk on this forum to make sure no one has jumped off a bridge in response to my voice acting. So far there have been no jumpers.


My apologies for such a shameless plug - just trying to help a close friend.
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