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Ozone22698's channel is up

posted by SmorepionKid on - last edited - Viewed by 161 users
Yeah my channel is up, and named after my Gamertag because at the time i didn't think about SmorepionKid. In order I will do lets plays of these games:
-Spiderman 3
-Assassins Creed Brotherhood Da Vinci Disaperance*if my hardrive lets me*
-Xmen Origins Wolverine
-Jurassic Park Operation genesis(only missions and exercises)
-Viva Pinata
-Viva Pinata TIP
-Telltales Jurassic Park
If i have time I will do Jurassic the Hunted
I will also do Achievement guides and multiplayer matches, if you need help with a achievement just ask. I still need to get a dazzle(game recorder)
Question: If I use my Xbox Live headset will the recorder pick up my voice, or do I have to get another device to do that ?
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