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Have a question for Graham Annable? Ask it here!

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Hey everyone! I'll be getting a chance to speak to Grickle and Puzzle Agent creator Graham Annable in the near future and I wanted to see if there was anything the Telltale Games community was dying to know.

If you have a question for Graham, post it in this thread. Please keep your question count limited to one (1), but you can go in and edit or change your question if you so desire after the fact. While I can't promise I'll be able to ask him everyone's question, I'll do my best in getting as many answered as possible.

Look for Graham Annable's answers to the Telltale Games community's questions as we get closer to the Puzzle Agent 2 launch!
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  • Ooh! I love these!! My question for Graham is:

    When creating your art, what's your favourite medium?
  • Yay! Questions! :D

    Have you faced any difficulty in bringing the Hidden People, who previously only existed in your short videos, into a full length game while still keeping their mysterious charm?
  • Are we going to get any more Dunk/Dank in the near future?
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    When you were a child, what things did you find frightening or creepy?
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    what was your favorite game company
  • Will we get to use an unlikely combination of everyday items to solve unconventional puzzles?
  • I'm not sure if this was a decision on your part or Telltale's, but how exactly did the idea of doing a Professor Layton-style puzzle game in your art style come to be?
  • Some of your characters are really great. Why don't you use them more often? For example, I simply love the entire idea of Principle Skeleton. I would really like to see him in more than just two cartoons.
    If we could have interacted with him in the game as well it would've been really awesome. :) Why don't you make a mini-series with him?
  • Hey G-man!

    Were there characters from your shorts, not including the hidden people, considered to be the main antagonist of Puzzle Agent?
  • Can you do a short focused on sloths? The sloth drawings you posted on Twitter were great and I want more!
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