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Have a question for Graham Annable? Ask it here!

posted by Alan Johnson on - last edited - Viewed by 4.2K users
Hey everyone! I'll be getting a chance to speak to Grickle and Puzzle Agent creator Graham Annable in the near future and I wanted to see if there was anything the Telltale Games community was dying to know.

If you have a question for Graham, post it in this thread. Please keep your question count limited to one (1), but you can go in and edit or change your question if you so desire after the fact. While I can't promise I'll be able to ask him everyone's question, I'll do my best in getting as many answered as possible.

Look for Graham Annable's answers to the Telltale Games community's questions as we get closer to the Puzzle Agent 2 launch!
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  • I love your art and admire your sense of ... err... people, I guess.

    Is there any chance you will be working for a company which gives you complete creative freedom for...say...5 games a year in the near future?

    Because it should. Not trusting in you would be a telltale sign of a bad business decision ;)
  • Will episode 2 be more difficult than the last one? (I hope so)
  • Does Twin Peaks scare you?
  • I only have one question that I want answered ASAP...

    When can I preorder and how much will it be?
  • For the story of Puzzle Agent did you get any inspiration from the 1990's TV show Twin Peaks, or are any similarities complete coincidence?
  • Hi Graham. I'm a big fan, love the comics. I only have the Book of Grickle, but I hope that the earlier Grickle books will become available again sometime.

    I was wondering what your plans are for the Dank/Dunk comic, as it hasn't been updated for a couple of weeks now. Is it something that will keep going until the end of time, or do you have a definitive end in sight (possibly connecting it with Puzzle Agent)? Also, what's the story behind this (quite old) picture?

  • Thanks for all the questions! Got a lot of them asked. Will be posting video(s) in the next few weeks!
  • what do you think are you going to make more puzzle agent games and if you do how much are there going to be
  • So, Graham is afraid of Sweetums and other full-body Muppets. Perfectly understandable. I assume he'd be terrified of 0:14 here:

    ...a scene that they appear to be re-creating in the new Muppet movie. The trailer has a brief flash of those guys standing there on stage. Chilling.
  • Will there be a Puzzle agent 3?
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