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A Moral Question

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So I've been a Sam and Max fan for some time, after I learned Telltale was making Sam and Max games I decided an interest in buying them. I own Seasons one and two on XBL and season three (as well as the BTTF games) on PS3 (because I feel the movement of season 3 works VERY well on a joystick) so I pose a question, since I've paid for it- would it be immoral to download it? I understand illegal is illegal, but since one (ME!!! :D:D:D) has paid for it, could the 'torrenting' of the games (hit the road, for example) be considered wrong? I mean Valve offered Portal 2 for both systems, as well as the ability to use on both.

I have no issue repurchasing for my PC, but I'm just curious what others think.
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