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Zombie survival plan, and weapons. Whats yours?

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Well scine the day of rapture isn't apon us anymore, (it's 6:00 PM in georgia currently.) I thought I'd come to the forums (I'm new here.) and ask people what their plan was for the zombie out break. (This would include your plan, weapons, and people you would bring with you.)

Heres mine: When the infection starts to spread. I (along with my team of friends.) gather up our gear, head to the gym at my school, picking up survivors (girls) on the way there. When we get there, we weld the doors shut, (their metal along with the frames.) weld metal siding to the windows, and hold up there. After that we simply raid the school cafeteria (We have metal ownings that connect the buildings togeather), use the gym's exercise bikes as make shift genorators, and plant crops for food, and if we need to raid for suplies.

For weapons I would have my FN Hetstal FS2000 (civilian F2000) as my primary rifle, my Beretta 92fs or Glock 22 as my sidearm (I'd love to have a Heckler and Koch VP70 to go along with the FS2000, but unfortunatly I don't have one), my Mossberg 500. as my primary shotgun, my M1 Carbine as my primary bailout rifle, (for when I need to abandon the gym and carry out on foot.) and my Smith and Wesson Model 39 9mm for my bailout sidearm. I'd also have multiple knives with me, (My Kabar knife, my survival knife, and my folding Smith and Wesson ExtreamOps.) along with a machete for my melee weapon. The only thing I need now is a long range firearm with a telescopic sight. (If I had a choice I would probably have a Winchester Model 70 or Remington 700 chambered in 7.62x51 NATO or mabey 30.06.)

So whats your plan?
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