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Zombie survival plan, and weapons. Whats yours?

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Well scine the day of rapture isn't apon us anymore, (it's 6:00 PM in georgia currently.) I thought I'd come to the forums (I'm new here.) and ask people what their plan was for the zombie out break. (This would include your plan, weapons, and people you would bring with you.)

Heres mine: When the infection starts to spread. I (along with my team of friends.) gather up our gear, head to the gym at my school, picking up survivors (girls) on the way there. When we get there, we weld the doors shut, (their metal along with the frames.) weld metal siding to the windows, and hold up there. After that we simply raid the school cafeteria (We have metal ownings that connect the buildings togeather), use the gym's exercise bikes as make shift genorators, and plant crops for food, and if we need to raid for suplies.

For weapons I would have my FN Hetstal FS2000 (civilian F2000) as my primary rifle, my Beretta 92fs or Glock 22 as my sidearm (I'd love to have a Heckler and Koch VP70 to go along with the FS2000, but unfortunatly I don't have one), my Mossberg 500. as my primary shotgun, my M1 Carbine as my primary bailout rifle, (for when I need to abandon the gym and carry out on foot.) and my Smith and Wesson Model 39 9mm for my bailout sidearm. I'd also have multiple knives with me, (My Kabar knife, my survival knife, and my folding Smith and Wesson ExtreamOps.) along with a machete for my melee weapon. The only thing I need now is a long range firearm with a telescopic sight. (If I had a choice I would probably have a Winchester Model 70 or Remington 700 chambered in 7.62x51 NATO or mabey 30.06.)

So whats your plan?
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  • WARP10CK wrote: »
    Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide have it in my bookshelf great guide just incase :) a really fun book.


    I love that book! Have you read World War Z? (I truly hope that Mark Forster doesn't screw the film adaptation up.)
  • I love that book! Have you read World War Z? (I truly hope that Mark Forster doesn't screw the film adaptation up.)

    I actually finished World War Z less than two weeks ago great book.
    And yeah Mark Forster has alot to live up too.
  • Throw coolsome to the walkers and run like hell.
    Just kidding.

    Find blunt weapons, sharp weapons, and firearms. Improvise if I have to.
    Board up the doors and windows, but leave an exit if you get caught in a jam.
    Have plenty of gasoline, food, and water.
    Have plenty of ammunition.
    Get a sidearm, particularly a pistol with light weight and recoil, but with good accuracy. Revolvers are okay for single kills, but when they outnumber you, screw it.
    Shotguns are great at close range, but they don't do shit unless you aim high.
    Machine guns are a no-go, unless you always use single shot.
    Bow weapons, like longbows or crossbows, are great only if you kill one at a time.
    Explosives=plenty of boom-boom, but if it crawls, it kills.
    If you plan on using a flame weapon, you must be able to incinerate it entirely.
    Wear light armor over every part of your body. Zombies can't infect what they can't bite.
    Avoid hospitals, police stations, schools, shopping malls (no brainer) and military stations. Try apartment buildings, cemeteries, or high-rise buildings.
    Give up everything you hold dearest: including video game, computers, iPods and televisions. In a world ruled by the dead, you must really need what you have to get.
  • I'll just put on a webisode of the Walking Dead. It'll be a distraction but also a form phsycological torture to them to see what monsters they really are.
  • I'd kick em up the arse.
  • I'm from Texas. In case of Zombie mobs, they'd all be mowed down, given that every other person per city block owns a weapon.
  • Okay here's the real way it would go down.

    In case of zombie outbreak I'd head out to the country. The natural terrain of west and south Texas is inhospitable to zombie hordes. Remembering that zombies naturally decay over time, it would simply be a matter of waiting things out. I'd probably travel south into the hill country. We'd bring bikes, to make mobile travel faster. Once sufficiently distanced, we'd bike our way into the upper foothills. The Rio Grande that travels south along the border would act as our primary water source. We'd make our way across on the shallow ends then continue to bike to a deeper portion. That would place a strong river to our back, providing us with only three directions to cover. Of course we will have brought tents (I don't know anybody who doesn't own one) and shovels, and from there we'd begin to entrench the area. I'd want a solitary entry to our encampment to provide a bottleneck for any potential zombie encounters. At this point we'd rely on fishing and hunting to provide the majority of our food. The river would make an adequate source of water and fishing, and the dry Texas conditions would provide a bounty of kindling. It's important to note that among other creatures, deer, mountain tiger, foxes, coyotes, rabbits and the like are all abundant in the area. However, we'd need a supply of vegetables for lean times. We'd scour the surrounding area for what we could but it would also be important to establish a garden. Being a green thumb myself, this is what we'd move onto. However, the rough south Texas soil would require constant tending. Thankfully, those areas near the river provide more fertile territory. I have one specific cliff side in mind where we'd be able to establish an overview of the valley while narrowing the directions we could be approached to about two. This of course puts us at a disadvantage in case of mass assault. Ideally I'd like to situate at the base of the cliff with the cliff to our back and the river to our front, leaving two directions to approach the camp from east and west. There's a path up the cliff side not too far away that provides access to the top of the cliff, and quick access down to the camp could be provided via ropes.
  • Realistically?

    Weapons: I be extremely conservative in using the guns and bullets I found, to be honest I would just use them as an intimidation method against people who were trying to steal from me, kill me, rape me, etc. For those of you who watched the episode Sunday, I would do like a group of people did in the show and gang up on the zombies with blunt weapons and take them down that way.

    People I'd take with me: I would take my family, obviously, and a few of my friends that aren't dumb. I'd try to keep the group to a max of 10-15 people, all of which would of meaning towards being in the group; someone who would scavenge, someone who could hunt, etc.

    Plan: Get the heck away from the cost and make my way south whilst moving into the states in the middle of the US, such as Kansas or Kansas. Although I'd probably only get to Tennessee before settling down somewhere. My ideal location to settle would be a farm like the one Hershel has. If the group broke up or I couldn't find a good place I simply keep a move on and never settle down, so I can keep scavenging.
  • New idea.

    Move to Detroit. It's like... law to have 4 firearms on you there, so the people shooting at me will be more of a threat than the zombies:D
  • Firearms don't matter in the big picture though, and heavily populated places is where you should avoid going.
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