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The Worst & Best Voice Acting You've Ever Heard

posted by Hayden on - last edited - Viewed by 3.7K users
I've asked you guys about the worst puzzles and levels you've ever encountered, now I'd like to know what some of the worst voice acting you've ever heard might be. But this time I'd actually like to know of some of the best voice acting you've ever heard.

Voice acting can often make or break a game, mostly cinematic or story-based games. Good voice acting can enhance cinematics and dialogue immensely, engage the viewer, and bring a lot of the game's script to life. But bad voice acting can often work in the opposite manner, where a game can have some great writing, but have it completely destroyed by cheap, terrible voice-over.

So, what are some outstanding examples of both great and terrible voice acting?

(Note: This thread's discussion isn't strictly limited to just games. Please feel free to mention other entertainment mediums.)
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