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BTTF The Ride: 2

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OK, so I know this has been discussed a number of times, but surely us hardcore fans can at least get a thread together that's so popular and has such good feedback, that Universal will take it seriously and consider an updated BTTF ride?

The ride was absolutely legendary, and still held its own against the likes of the amazing Spiderman right up until the day that it came to an end. I was lucky enough to experience the BTTF ride not only as a kid, but also in adulthood. I was devastated when I heard the news that it was being replaced. Not only was this ride epic, it was heritage, a true testament to the creaters, Universal Studios, and their park.

This isn't a Simpsons bashing thread by any means. It's a great ride and deserves a place in the park. I have to commend the design team highly, and I'm really looking forward to going on this again when we visit this October, but surely Universal should/could have extended or kept half of the building as BTTF whilst giving it a bit of an update?

It's good that Universal have kept some key parts of the film around the park, but if anything, it reminds me of some of the best times of my life, and that I can no longer ride it again. I guess i'd rather have these bits around for memories than not at all, but it's just a strange feeling.

I'm betting that BTTFs true popularity was gauged from their recent(ish) re-release of the Trilogy on Blu-Ray. Surely they can see that there is still a humongous fanbase for a BTTF attraction? This is the kind of film that gets more popular with age so would be a worthy investment for Universal also.

I'm now 25 so this film came out the year I was born. 25 years later, and it's one of, if not THE best film(s) i've ever seen. Films these days just don't seem to have the excitement of the 80s/90s. They all depend too much on special effects and bad/cheesey acting rather than hard work and a true passion for excellence like BTTF.

I realise this has been done many times on the likes of Facebook and various other sites, but I'm hoping that giving Universals official involvement with this excellent game series, and the huge fanbase here, that this thread can hopefully grow and be highlighted by the developers and mods to the powers that be.
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  • I agree with you. I never got to ride it though. I only saw it on the DVD and on youtube. But I would like to go on it. I am a huge Back To The Future fan.
  • It's not likely, todays world are blinded by silly things like the simpsons and cant see the great movies like back to the future,

    and universal care more about earning money than what the fans want.

    I voted bring it on but not because its likely but because i wish it will happen

    -Yoman45135 studios
  • Of course I would want it back. Is Universal going to pay attention to a single online poll? Probably not. But hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. You have my support.
  • Lets do this. That ride was my childhood they destroyed by putting that gosh darn Speak... i mean Simpsons ride there.
  • I never got a chance to go on the BTTF ride.
  • I've ridden the ride as a kid; it was a lot of fun. But rides need to be replaced eventually to get people coming back. I'm not going to go back to Universal over another park I've never been to if all the rides were the same 15 years later.

    Nothing against BTTF, but it's not really relevant anymore. The only really old ride left is Jaws, and that's only because it'd be incredibly expensive to design a new ride around all that water. Rides come and rides go, just be glad you got to ride it when you did.

    For those that didn't or forget parts of it:

    Intro part 1:
    Intro part 2:
    The Ride:

    The new Simpsons Ride acknowledges they replaced the BTTF ride and references it with a cameo from Doc:
  • I remember going on the ride when is was a kid i went on the ride 4 times i loved it that much i wished i could ride it one last time before the ride shutdown in Florida but if i ever want to experience the ride i can pop in BTTF3 and go on the ride from the comfort of my home. If universal ever decides to reopen it ill be there
  • I went as a kid the year the Jurassic Park ride was new. It was cool, but I can't say I'd be excited for a new ride.
  • I went as a kid the year the Jurassic Park ride was new. It was cool, but I can't say I'd be excited for a new ride.

    Was this reply posted when you were drunk? Can you imagine what Universal could do with a second version of the ride? Spiderman influences would be involved I would imagine, it would be epic! Sure, Universal are primarily there to make money, which is why it's not only for the fans, but would be a huge benefit to them. I for one, would return to Florida far more often just to ride the old BTTF ride nevermind an updated one!

    With the recent success of the game and the fan base simply growing and growing for what many would consider a trilogy that will never be beaten, I don't see why Universal wouldn't design a second ride. Imagine the sheer excitement and amount of people visiting in the first few days of the opening?! I bet they would make their money back within the first month or two.
  • No it would be horrible.
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