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Hector/BTTF Launch Help

posted by Inika_Unite77 on - last edited - Viewed by 213 users
Okay, there have been MILLIONS of topics similar to this one, but mine's a little different.

I recently downloaded Hector. I downloaded, went through the entire installation process, and launched the game off of my desktop.

However, when I launched the game, it came up with a box like this.

Then, nothing.

I tried running as administartor, and the same thing happened.

This also happened with BTTF, but on that one, it would go to this blank screen AFTER I recieved a log in screen. I tried installing it twice on two different computers, and the same thing happened.

Could I have a little help, please?
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  • This is typically what you'd see in Hector if you were attempting to log into the launcher for the first time on a computer with no Internet connection. Does the PC you're logging in on have an Internet connection? If so, are you on a school or business server, or do you have any firewalls running that could keep the launcher from talking to our website?
  • I'm having the same problem. Turning off Firewall didn't help. I know I have an active internet connection, so...
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