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Time Capsule 92

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Another Doc Brown TV spot, sorry

Nickelodeon in 92 dropped a Time Capsule infront of one of its sound stages
was kind of a big thing, Doc shows up at the end... warns of a catastrophe and adds something before they bury it.

Here is a list of what was in the time capsule:
1. A piece of the Berlin Wall
2. Rollerblades
3. MC Hammer cd
4. Michael Jackson cd
5. World Atlas
6. stick of bubble gum
7. History book
8. NickToons tee shirt
9. Comic book - was either X-men or an issue of Wolverine
10. Barbie doll
11. Hostess Twinkies
12. Pump sneakers
13. Skateboard
14. Phone book
15. Book of endangered species

The capsule was unearthed in 2006 and
has since been reburied on another lot, it wont be opened untill 2042

This is real and we kids voted for these things.
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