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So I've been a Monkey Island fan for a long while now. I started with Secret and loved its Spielberg-like charm and classic humor. MI2 was great just for being grungy in attitude and throwing everything against the wall. However, I still enjoyed Secret a bit more--it was more straightforward. I still appreciate MI2's attempt at being something more in gameplay design.

But what MI2 and Curse did accomplish best was world design and expanding the MI mythos. After playing both, you get a sense that there could be more to this faux Caribbean, just filled with weird little islands that contribute to an increasingly convoluted, ridiculous backstory. Just seeing some of the Bill Tiller and Steve Purcell artwork in recent years really cemented that feeling. It's kooky, it's creepy, it's absolutely nothing like Secret, but that doesn't matter as much. There's just pure imagination at work here.

So my question for those who have played Tales is: does Tales live up to that? I'm not as interested in character talk or plot here, just the art direction and world design.
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  • I'd say so. The overall sense of scale is slightly reduced in that you don't typically have the freedom to move between multiple island worlds within chapters (or "episodes"). But in terms of art, creativity, and atmosphere, I'd say Tales is pretty great (and improves as it goes along).

    Check out the preview shots of the Tales art portfolio, if you want an idea of the style and don't mind some location spoilers:
  • That's good to hear. One of the pirates from Chapter 1 didn't quite impress me with how he was designed--he seemed like a generic Telltale character. The later episodes DO look better, though, so I'm looking forward to it. The death designs in Chapter 5 look like they could fit right in with Blood Island in Curse. Just made the order. :)

    I don't mind a reduced freedom since that was true for Curse and Escape. MI2 is really the only one that did island-hopping to a great extent. Indeed, that's one feature that could arguably be a called a flaw for MI2. If you disliked running around in the earlier Telltale games, well...
  • Ciergan;512303 said:
    T MI2 is really the only one that did island-hopping to a great extent. Indeed, that's one feature that could arguably be a called a flaw for MI2.

    Are you kidding? Part II in Monkey 2 is the best designed part in any adventure game ever! That feature is basically what made Monkey 2 so absolutely brilliant, and it's a feature I'd like to see more adventures try and copy.

    That's kinda like saying GTA's worst aspect is the ability of going on a rampage, or that the story is the worst aspect of Planescape: Torment.
  • Absolutely. The amount of puzzle-layering across those islands was insane. One of these days I'll have to go through it again, it's a blast. As a Monkey Island title, though, it's unique. I wouldn't want to have every title be exactly like that.
  • Tales is amazing, but I found the scenery rather bland... There was no depth, everything looked so plastic. There should be more garbage laying around and stuff (more like S&M Season 3).
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