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Should Telltale pick up Cyan Worlds?

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While there's definitely a boom of sorts going on at the moment, that doesn't mean Telltale is in the position to acquire new staff. But what if...? If BTTF and Jurassic Park work out as well as Telltale hopes, then perhaps they can branch out into even more diverse licenses...including first-person adventure games.

If they got a deal with Cyan Worlds, maybe that would mean an online delivery system for Myst that is actually successful. I think CW had the right idea with Uru, but the online multiplayer format just didn't work. By the time they switched to monthly Gametap episodes, it was too late.

But consider this: a new Myst (or Myst-like) game with one or two new Ages every month, co-written by Telltale and Cyan Worlds. Another option is to co-design a new feature-length game, just like how they brought on an external designer for Riven. I could definitely see it working like gangbusters.

...well, I would buy it.
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  • I have one word to say about this... YES!

    A new Myst/Uru game made by TellTale and Cyan would be amazing! But only if they keep the difficulty as high as the past games. Myst should not be easy.

    I remember a while ago there was a survey asking about Sam and Max season 3 and what other games people would be interested in, and Myst was one of the choices. Plus with a myst movie in the works (, it could be the big comeback for Myst.
  • If Telltale decides to revive another forgotten adventure series, I'd like to see Zork, myself.

    The new King's Quest game already shows Activision is willing to stop sitting on all those adventure classics they own.
  • I wouldn't mind Cyan and Telltale teaming up on a project. It could be neat. I don't think I'd particularly want Telltale touching the Myst series itself, but if they wanted to make another sort of spin-off, or something new entirely with the same spirit as Myst, I'd like that.
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