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E3 - Brief new King's Quest info

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"Grossman said Telltale actually approached Roberta Williams, one of the designers of the original games, to see if she was interested in working on the new one. While she declined by saying she had retired from games, she did offer the development team advice, some of which was "very valuable," according to Grossman. "
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  • Is it just me, or is it strange, and kinda insulting that IGN calls Roberta Williams, just 'one of the designers...?

    Rather than pointing out the fact that she was the 'original' creator of King's Quest series, wife of the owner/CEO of Sierra On-line? ...or the fact that she was usually the producer of the series?

    Its almost as if she has been forgotten and sent to the dustbins of history. Kinda sad really...

    Now the fans can commence with the arguments on if this has the rights to be a true or canonical KQ game or not... ...and I'm sure some fans will start that debate, since there is now confirmation that she has virtually no involvement with the game (and likely little involvement with the story)... We still don't know how much involvment Josh Mandel (or other former Sierra King's Quest developers) have or are giving towards the game...
  • Gee.....that sure was a lot of information.
  • Here is a clear example of Telltale doing exactly the right thing for King's Quest. Is someone going to argue otherwise...? :)
  • MusicallyInspired;513035 said:
    Gee.....that sure was a lot of information.
    Yeah I was disappointed by the lack of info on this :(
  • Simo Sakari Aaltonen;513067 said:
    Here is a clear example of Telltale doing exactly the right thing for King's Quest. Is someone going to argue otherwise...? :)
    There are 2 arguments that can be made saything that they did not do the right thing. First, they knew Roberta Williams would turn them down and so all they did was try to make people think they did the right thing (they got you to buy in). Second, they perhaps wanted to bring her in, she saw their direction and said, "I don't want to work with them on that, the direction is awful!" She then turned them down and once again, it would show the direction TellTale is taking is something she did not want to be a part of. If they would have offered her 100% control of the project, she might have actually come onboard. Until I hear they offered her that, I think it is just for press and they think we as fans are too stupid to know the difference.
  • If they're going to do it right, they need the same amount of depth and puzzle design in the game that KQ 6 had. In KQ 6 you could use each of the interactions (look/eyes, touch/hands and talk/mouth) on pretty much anything (and there are a lot of things you can interact with) and you would get a unique response from the very funny narrator pretty much every time. And deaths are humorous.

    But alas, it's probably going to be a BTTF clone with 5 things to click on, 2 items in your inventory and a generic response for everything.
    My fate in humanity is at its all-time low.
  • If by a BTTF clone you mean KQ7 split into separate chapters and sold individually you might be right! KQ7 game has zero interactivity, was extremely dumbed down...and too cartoony. Hell the only things you could look at were objects you could pick up, characters to talk to, or things that needed to be manipulated for sake of puzzles...

    BTTF has more non important scenery things to examine,
    , and get messages than KQ7 had... But still less than KQ5 even (that game had more to look at than the previous games in the series)...
  • If Telltale can overcome the urge to carbon copy the format and look of KQ7 (which closely resembles their business model the most) and instead copy KQ5 or KQ6's approach they'll have already gained some of my respect. But I doubt it. I'm expecting a KQ7 clone. I mean it's right there. Visible in KQ's history as something perfect for Telltale to model and they can say that they're being true to the series without lying! The only problem is, it's the one KQ game that is hated the most (besides MOE).
  • This was very nice to see:
    When asked whether the new King's Quest would be a full reboot or more like a sequel, Grossman said there's "a lot of canon and it would be a shame to ignore it." ...
  • I'd think a nextgen MOE 2 would be hell of a lot more fun than KQ7 clone.... The original is probably my 2nd or third favorite KQ game (although it could have been better), but now there are technologies that could make Roberta's more ambitious ideas (that were ahead of there time or the the technology back then) for that game a reality, and even go beyond them.

    But I'd want to see a bit more light hearted fairy tale mixed in as well, less of the epic fantasy/biblical/mythology. More Dreamfall less high fantasy (But some is ok). There needs to be a balance. A sequel does not need to be as atmospheric or dark, it worked for that story, but MOE sequel should have a different direction for the story. There is room for more whimsy, but keeping fighting in in some form. I wouldn't want MOE 2 to be an exact clone of the first.
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