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Getting Shoes Painted

posted by ibigfire on - Viewed by 139 users
I need some good Monkey Island shoe image ideas.

A friend of mine is painting shoes to raise money, and I figured I'd get a pair done. At first I was thinking I'd get something like these ones that I'm sure many of you are familiar with: but it wouldn't really work with my shoes, and it's not her particular art style anyways.

I'm not sure exactly how I'll lay them out, but if you have any great iconic Monkey Island pics or any ideas of how to set 'em up on the shoe, that'd be awesome. The blank shoes that I bought for this are these:

I'm thinking maybe CoMI Guybrush's face somewhere, and maybe Murray on the heel area, but I'm at a loss as to what else I should do. An example of one's she's done already are these:

As you can see it's not pixel art, so I'm thinking it'd be best with something more cartoony like the CoMI artstyle or maybe some of the art from the game covers or the backgrounds or something...

So yeah, if you have any ideas or images or even a good colour scheme to use, I would be super grateful for any help. Thank you.
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