spin city

Anyone here watch this show? Ran for six seasons with Michael J Fox starring in the first 4. It was the last live acting he did until he had to leave in 2000 due to the parkinsons.

There were a fair amount of BTTF references;
-on a promo where the show was moving to a different night, they used the BTTF delorean with MJF driving.
-there was a funny episode with an implied reference. One of the more childish characters gives MJF his life savings and tells him to invest in an unknown stock named after his dog. Mike doesn't do it and the stock multiplies several times. When attempting to come up with a solution Mike says "I've got it, we go back to yesterday and invest in the stock" when one of his co-stars replies "Time travel? thats your plan?"
-there is an episode in which Christopher Lloyd guest stars titled 'back to the future part IV'.; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbjE1l3FEsI


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    I used to watch it when it was on TV... it was decent.
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    I liked the show a lot. Not gonna lie, I cried when MJF left the show. Still watched for a while afterwards since the supporting characters were funny and Charlie Sheen was an okay lead (these were different times) but I stopped watching well before the show actually ended.
  • You can't blame it all on Charlie Sheen (and I know you personally are not doing so but some do). I believe 4 characters in total left when MJF did (Nikkie, Janelle, and James being the other 3).

    The writing and acting went downhill once MJF left. Mind you him returning was one of the greatest episodes.

    I'm actually not remembering if there was a final episode or not?
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    I did watch it for a few seasons and really liked it. The jokes were clever and the references they made were very well thought out. As with many fans, once some of the characters starting leaving, I thought it took a turn for the worst and gradually lost interest in it. The writing just wasn't what it used to be and my interest diminished.
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    Spin City is the spiritual successor to Back To The Future. It's what Marty does when he grows up.
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    LuigiHann wrote: »
    I liked the show a lot. Not gonna lie, I cried when MJF left the show.

    Me too. I cried buckets. Great show. I didn't watch the Charlie Sheen years though.
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    I didn't really like Spin City. Granted, maybe the dubbing was bad. ;)

    Still, I'd like to see more of the actors who starred in this SitCom nowadays. Interestingly, most of the cast had a cameo in "Scrubs" later, because that was also a Bill Lawrence series.

    It is very interesting to notice that "The Good Wife" (about the only series I watch these days) has not only seen the last Michael J. Fox appearance in a series to date, but also 10 episodes with Spin City's "Carter Heywood" Michael Boatman. His character on TGW is unfortunately not very fleshed-out (at least in Season 1).
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    That promo's pretty cool actually...

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    I wish this would go on Netflix instant stream... I wouldn't mind watching it again... but I wouldn't watch it enough to buy the DVDs
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    Dvds aren't that expensive...

    It's a great show. I actually got to watch it recently. It didn't get old at all. It's funny, it's clever, it has a great MJ Fox... I kinda miss it.

    Seinfeld Friends and Spin city truly were ages ahead of the lame big bang, how, and two, we got nowadays...
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    Cougar Town has the Mayor in it now and again (Bill Lawrence co-created). It's good. Plenty of Scrubs references in it too.

    Community is also good. For some reason, despite being very different styles of comedy and despite being on different networks, these two shows refer to each other a lot even to the extent of giving cameos to the other show's actors/characters.
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    I always liked this show. I still want to see BTTF part IV, but I thought MJF did a great job. I never could tell he had Parkinsons from watching the show. MJF was also on Scrubs in the early seasons as a obsessive compulsive Dr. Kevin Casey (plenty of people from Spin City guest starred on that as well). Now I want to watch it again...
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    Actors from Spin City to star in "Scrubs":

    Michael J. Fox (obviously, two episodes in Season 2)
    Barry Bostwick (1)
    Michael Boatman (1)
    Richard Kind (four episodes!)
    Alexander Chaplin (1)
    Heather Locklear (2)
    Alan Ruck (1)

    I don't know if that list is complete. Never got above season 5, when Scrubs started to get really lame. :(
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