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dvd & vhs

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I just bought a new RCA dual vhs to dvd machine which works fine for my own tapes from tv. My problem is when copying movie vhs (about 30 of them) which won't copy (pops up with "video is copy protected".
Any way of getting around this? Some of these tapes are 10-12 years old and i'm afraid they may get outdated and break the tapes.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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  • I don't really know why you thought that the Telltale Games forum was the place to ask this, especially with your first post, but I am curious to know how well that converter works. Is it pretty simple? My parents have a bunch of old tapes they'd like to convert to DVD, and I was thinking about getting them one.
  • Fire this guy off a message, he can help
  • It probably won't copy those videos because they are encoded with MacroVision. You can't copy from tape to tape with those either. The screen just freaks out and you can barely see anything.

    Ah memories.
  • And here I am looking to copy over old beta tapes... to vhs/dvd.
  • This will not land you in jail... it sounds like what you want to do is make a single personal copy of each video to DVD... this is NOT illegal. A single personal back-up copy is covered in the fair use rules. Just don't make several copies or try to distribute/exhibit them, and you don't need to worry about the law. Making a back up copy of media is NOT pirating, and the courts have recognized this. You will need a DVD Recorder, and, Grex video stabilizer to transfer your VHS media to DVD.For real – I have never seen a quicker or easier method .
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