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the darkness

posted by mawmaw on - last edited - Viewed by 160 users
am down in the darkness in reality 2.0 and i can not get out. can anyone help me?
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  • this is the discusssion forum and should be kept spoiler free untill the episode has been released worldwide............ i have answered your other post in the hint forum and given a hint walkthough of the last act
  • Careful on the forum newbies DZ, they don't know any better. :p They do now though, heh heh.
  • was once a newbie myself you know, although who remembers last year.......... my long term memory craps out after about a month

    what were we talking about again.... :rolleyes:

    sarcasm aside, myself, many others like me, and the telltale staff check this forum regularly and most posts get answered within a few hours........... so there is no need to make multiple posts asking the same question over and over again

    something else worth noting.... is that the first 10 or so threads in the hint forum deal with the current episode, so if you are stuck check those few threads because your question may have already been answered

    i think that i have already provided a hint walkthrough for reality 2.0's 3 major puzzles, and i am suprised that everyone on this forum actually reads the old posts............ because once a question is answered, it rarely gets asked again

    compare this forum to so many other game forums, and you will also notice the lack of repeating threads (with the exception of threads complaining about the sound quality, but that is a whole other matter)
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