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iOS 5 report

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Just a report to let you know BTTF episode 1 crashes after the splash screen, on iPad 2 with iOS 5.0 beta 1. You probably already know this, but just in case.

Yes, i know it's beta, just came out last week, and you guys are under no obligation to support it yet, but it sure would be nice.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The current release of iOS 5 is intended for developers to get their software cleaned up and working by the time the OS itself is ready to be delivered to consumers. Any issues which turn out to be our end -- meaning, issues which aren't resolved by clean up on Apple's end in future iOS 5 betas -- we'll have addressed by that time.
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    seanvanaman Telltale Alumni
    FWIW, most developers are reporting a lack of app compatibility going from 4.0 5.0, (source; marco arment's instapaper blog and twitter feed)
  • Are there any timelines for ios5 compatibility?

    It looks like the beta is nearing stability, particularly for developers, so would be great to see your products updated to support this.

    I am missing BTTF since upgrading my devices!


  • I just upgraded to Golden Master of iOS5 - and still cannot get to try out this awesome series of apps... with each beta I continually tried to get the game to play... now that it's GM - I expect the fault is within the app... do the dev's read these forums?
  • Hey guys! Just an update on this. We're totally aware of this and are working to have an update out soon so that Back to the Future will work on devices with iOS 5 installed. We're targeting to have the update out very soon after if not in time for the public release of iOS 5.

    I'll update you guys here and on the blog when that does happen!
  • Hi,
    will you also be releasing an update for Puzzle Agent? I have the same problem with ios 5 GM. See my other posting here:
  • Adelheid wrote: »
    will you also be releasing an update for Puzzle Agent? I have the same problem with ios 5 GM. See my other posting here:

    We're also aware of and working on an iOS 5 fix for the original Puzzle Agent. The fix for both of these games may not be available at the onset of iOS 5's public availability though.
  • I have this problem as well.
  • VerbalKint wrote: »
    I have this problem as well.

    Give them time, they've been actively working on it and even just made a blog post about how they want to continue to push forward with mobile platforms. iOS 5 literally just dropped, and they said they hoped to have it sorted out shortly after public release.
  • We've submitted the updates for Back to the Future: The Game and they should be available to download in the next few days.

    We're also working on an update for the original Puzzle Agent.

    Of course, we'll keep you guys posted! :)
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