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i need help with 4 trophies on ps3 version of the game

posted by dangerousbrian0 on - last edited - Viewed by 841 users
him there i need help with 4 trophies on the ps3 version of the game and they are
Hill Valley Tourist
One Bad Apple
Hidden Treasure
Ruin It For Everyone
if anyone knows what and how to get them i will be quite greatful thank you
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  • well i have 2 of them i only need the demerit 1 and the contraband 1 i have played it again and im sure i have done them right they are just not popping up the demerit ones are for befriending einstein kissing jennifer in the soupmo and being found with loraines flask on you i also got a demerit for touching the statue and the contraband 1 im sure i have checked everybox please help if you can remember tell me exactly how you did it thank you
  • thank you very much i will give you a message when i have got them
  • thanks just them at last
  • You're welcome, Brian. Glad to be of help.
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