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What was your worst sam and max season 3 episode

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Episode 1 The Penal Zone-The start of the adventure where its up to Sam & Max to stop Skunkape a power mad space ape who is trying to take over Earth.

Episode 2 The tomb of Summun-Mak-Sam & Max come across a new toy of power for Max under their office after their last fight with Skunkape and coming across their grandfathers. Using the toy of power they go into their grandfathers memories to find out what happened.

Episode 3 They Stole Max's Brain- After returning from the bathroom, Sam finds Max without his brain in the room where they were watching the memories of their grandfathers. After some work Sam finds out it was Skunkape who stole Max's brain. After finding another brain to put into Max's body, He and Sammun-Mak save Max only for Sammun-Mak to use the power of the toybox to take over the world and leaving only Max's brain in the jar as the only one who remembers the old timeline.

Episode 4 Beyond the Alley of Dolls-Sam,Max,Skunkape, Stinky and Grandpa Stinky are trapped in Stinky's diner after a army of Sam clones chased them off in Episode 3. After finding a secret way out of Stinky's underground, Sam & Max find a huge clone factory under Stinky's. Now Sam & Max must figure out who made the clones.

Episode 5 The City That Dares Not Sleep-Max has turned into a giant monster due to the events of the last episode and now Max is destroying the city. Superball is planning a attack on Max and tells Sam that he has until 6am to turn Max to normal. Now Sam with a few friends must go into Max and save him.
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  • Jesus Christ, use commas, it's a pain to read your posts.

    I am going to assume by this that you felt the need to suddenly pop into this thread to tell Jesus that he should use commas.
  • ^If I had the time I'd come up with a joke about Jesus not using commas on a quote from the bible which would completely change the meaning. And everyone would be like lol, rofl Sausy's the greatest.
  • The worst episode was the Penal Zone, because the game became better and better every months. :)

    I liked the Penal Zone. :D
  • i think ether they stole maxs brain or penal zone is my favourite episode because in penal zone everything has not gone completely nuts yet its like any other sam and max episode in sam and maxs street and they stole maxs brain because of the jokes sam loving sammun-mak and max making fun of everyone in sammun-maks world
  • The only episodes I didnt love where the Penal Zone and They Stole Max's brain, but TSMB is the one that takes the cake that is a lie because I flat out hated it.
    Buggy, and repeated the transformation puzzle too many times.
    And for the heck of it, my favorite is the Tomb of Sammunmak with second place being Beyond the Ally of the Dolls. Tomb I just loved seeing Sammuth and Maximus, as well as old Jurgeon and Santa. Combined with great puzzle ideas on playing it all in a messed up order.
  • i got to admit through the thing i hated most in this season is the ending where max dies
  • ok next question name ur 5 sam and max season 3 episodes from 1 bein best to 5 bein worst mine are

    1.the penal zone
    2.they stole max's brain
    3. tie between beyond alley of dolls and city that dares not sleep
    4.tomb of sammun-mak

    and remember i like all of these episodes i just like ones better then others
  • I had a very hard time getting into the Penal Zone. The Devil's Playhouse was a big a departure from the first two seasons and it took me a while to get used to the new style. I didn't really start getting into the season until partway through the second episode.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Woodsyblue wrote: »
    I had a very hard time getting into the Penal Zone.

    Story of my life.
  • I want you inside me. Wait... that's not right :o
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