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Having linked purchases through pc/ps3

posted by axeman82 on - last edited - Viewed by 376 users
I know this is a longshot but is there anyway of having your purchase of bttf for pc also allow you to download the games on psn?

I want to play theme on ps3 and get the trophies but i would hate to have to double spend to do so and if there was a way of having a redeem code so to speak for those who did purchase the pc version being allowed to get the ps3 version as well.

Just a thought
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  • There isn't any such system in place. It would be a pretty big logistics issue with two different shop systems and the legal issue of selling two different versions at once. Valve was capable of leveraging it with Portal 2 only because they actually had the kind of influence that allowed them to replace PSN entirely for part of the system's library.
  • I'm afraid not. If you want the theme and the trophies, you'll have to purchase it again. It's a pain, I know.
  • ahh well it was worth looking into, i just bought it again for the ps3 now.
    I am a huge bttf fan so buying twice is no issue as the money goes to a good cause and it is a great game.

    I cannot wait for the finale and i hope telltale decides to continue with the series as it is been a great ride thus far.
  • Perhaps TellTale could design a system on the PS3 side though? Say, you buy a Season Pass on PSN, download the first episode, and have an option somewhere on the main menu to log in to your TellTale Account, and it would also add that episode to your games Library here for the PC/MAC version.
  • I'm a ps3 player........I can't belive i'm reading this. I've been so envious of you pc players. you guys get the episodes 1st, the internet didn't get Hacked for a month for you guys, and the only reason i got it for ps3 cuz it was cheaper at the time. Now both version r the same price. and i have no clue when i will see episode 5.

    The trophys are not worth it trust me.... you always get 8 out of 10 just by finsihing the story.
  • When I read this title, I had hopes for the Steam versions of the game. Since Steam is now working with Playstation to link accounts (started with Portal 2) I think that there may soon be a corralation between games that are both distributed between Steam and Playstation Network and allowing us access the Steam games from the Playstation.

    Of course I dont ever see it happening.
  • Ya it would have been cool if there was a way to use your telltale account to get it on ps3 if you bought it for pc but such is life. I paid the $20 for the pc and the $20 for the ps3 as i really like the game and having it for both is cool, not to mention it is back to the future, can't go wrong there. I really hope telltale does do a second game with more episodes. Back to the future is a story/game that could keep going as it has never ending possibilities.
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