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Possible BTTF Season 2 ideas/speculation/suggestion

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ok first things first, I have made this page in hopes of gathering some reasonable suggestions to making the possible BttF: Season Two more enjoyable, not so everyone can post whats been said a million times about the puzzle difficulty, so here goes...

Make Puzzles more Complex/Fun/Creative/Etc.. (its said, moving on...)

One thing I been thinking about a lot these past few days is Jurassic Park, and how it will be the first game that Telltale will give you the option, or misfortune, of dying. I was thinking that we can incorporate a similar concept into the BttF series, which i would like to call "Caught Scenes". In the next paragraph I take 2 examples of this concept and explore possible scenarios from season one.

1931, when you and Doc are getting ready to jump into the Delorean, Officer Parker walks up and tries to put an end to the fun. Well what if you failed to get the keys and jump in the Delorean in time, and Parker catches you. Would he shoot/arrest you and Carl Sagan, altering the future forever?

When you are back in 1931 hiding behind the tree, what would happen if you failed to lure your alt self away from that tree? "Caught Scene" begins of you coming face to face with your alternative self, breaking rule #1 of time travel, causing irreparable damage to the time space continuum?!?!

personally i have found that if your not allowed to generally suffer some type of consequences for your actions, and puzzles essentially play on a harmless loop, the game just becomes repetitive and kinda boring. As a BttF fan, i think this would also be an exciting and safe way to explore the consequences of time travel and paradoxes etc. without having to have it play into the actual storyline. this alone could lead to some really exciting ideas.

as we know from the "its a wrap" video, telltale listens to us at the forums and values our opinions. this is a great chance to give our two cents, for whatever it might be worth! even if they use just use one or two suggestions everything can make a difference!
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  • yoman45135 wrote: »
    Something I noticed when I was installing the game on my newer computer a few moments ago is after it says which episode it is installing it says season 1, maybe this is a hint they had a season 2 in mind?

    Don't they label all their first series as 'season 1'
  • Don't they label all their first series as 'season 1'

    I wouldn't know I only own one Telltale game and that's Back to the future: The game.
  • suppose ttg have plans for second season of twd to keep up with the comics/tv show fan base.

    then probably some other games so a bttf sequel will be a few years away but i hope they don't wait to long as christopher lloyd ain't getting any younger...
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I think Telltale learned after the backlash from their huge announcement when they announced they were making games years in advance to keep quiet until a project is near completion.

    The most likely reason The Walking Dead Season Two broke this rule (since the two announcements came on the same day) was because Telltale wanted to absorb the blow of the Activision announcement of their own new Walking Dead game by announcing that they were developing a new game too.

    We've still got Fables and King's Quest (and possibly TWD Season Two) to go before Telltale's likely to announce any new game.
  • Everyday i go on the site to see if a season 2 is announced... I can't wait for the second season, please Telltale give us this... At the moment I restart the first season, i love this game.

    I created a website about BTTF The Games in french (i'm french):

    Thank you Telltale, i hope my dream will see the day in the future. =)
  • They will probably get to Back to the Future season 2 once they’re done with Walking Dead season 1 and Fables season 1.
  • That's the optimistic viewpoint. They need to get going sooner than that. As much as I hate saying it, Christopher Lloyd won't be around forever.

    However, I really am thinking that they've forgotten that it was BTTF that put TellTale games on the map for a lot of people.
  • Point taken. While they're at it, they should get their hands on Thomas F. Wilson. All he does nowadays is Spongebob.
  • Noname215 wrote: »
    Point taken. While they're at it, they should get their hands on Thomas F. Wilson. All he does nowadays is Spongebob.

    Not true, he has a bit part in the upcoming Dreamworks Dragons TV series.
  • But do you understand what I’m saying? All he does these days are shitty cartoons.

    I didn’t use to think Spongebob was shit until after the movie.
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