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Possible BTTF Season 2 ideas/speculation/suggestion

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ok first things first, I have made this page in hopes of gathering some reasonable suggestions to making the possible BttF: Season Two more enjoyable, not so everyone can post whats been said a million times about the puzzle difficulty, so here goes...

Make Puzzles more Complex/Fun/Creative/Etc.. (its said, moving on...)

One thing I been thinking about a lot these past few days is Jurassic Park, and how it will be the first game that Telltale will give you the option, or misfortune, of dying. I was thinking that we can incorporate a similar concept into the BttF series, which i would like to call "Caught Scenes". In the next paragraph I take 2 examples of this concept and explore possible scenarios from season one.

1931, when you and Doc are getting ready to jump into the Delorean, Officer Parker walks up and tries to put an end to the fun. Well what if you failed to get the keys and jump in the Delorean in time, and Parker catches you. Would he shoot/arrest you and Carl Sagan, altering the future forever?

When you are back in 1931 hiding behind the tree, what would happen if you failed to lure your alt self away from that tree? "Caught Scene" begins of you coming face to face with your alternative self, breaking rule #1 of time travel, causing irreparable damage to the time space continuum?!?!

personally i have found that if your not allowed to generally suffer some type of consequences for your actions, and puzzles essentially play on a harmless loop, the game just becomes repetitive and kinda boring. As a BttF fan, i think this would also be an exciting and safe way to explore the consequences of time travel and paradoxes etc. without having to have it play into the actual storyline. this alone could lead to some really exciting ideas.

as we know from the "its a wrap" video, telltale listens to us at the forums and values our opinions. this is a great chance to give our two cents, for whatever it might be worth! even if they use just use one or two suggestions everything can make a difference!
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  • Great game, it's like an interactive movie after the trilogy! I think Season 2 would be with same gameplay, but in a future BTTF game I would see these ideas:

    - Hope the game will be translated in more languages, I mean characters' voice, not only subtitles;
    - More like an action game in GTA style, with possibility of using Marty while walking, running, jumping, using skateboard (also the flying version of 2015), punching rivals (Tannen, Needles etc) and more;
    - Make DeLorean driveable, with choice of 3rd or 1st camera, to drive from one side to another in Hill Valley (on the road and/or flying) or for the time travel by turn on time circuits and write day month and year for time destination; possibility to make a car accident and pay money somewhere to repair the car;
    - While in the past, I want to be able to follow a personal/secondary quest for each character; depending on the choices, that character will become a different person in 1986 (personality, job, friendships etc), creating each time an unique/customized/alternate 1986 and with the possibility of going back to the past and re-changing him/her;
    - Possibility to decide the year of destination (in a range from 1850 to 2050 or more would be fantastic), creating an engine that makes little differences in Hill Valley each 10 years (from 1850 to 1860, 1860 to 1870 etc);
    - If the player doesn't care about DeLorean, by closing and hiding it, thieves or malicious people can stole the car and traveling in time, changing instantly something or someone of 1986's Hill Valley;
    - Possibility of meet same characters in differents years, younger or older; I don't only mean Marty, Doc and other 2/3, I mean principal and secondary characters of Hill Valley, a lot of people;
    - Sometimes, randomly, a DeLorean can arrive from the future; from the car will come out an older Marty or someone else, giving us a new mission to repair an accident or something wrong that will happen now or soon in 1986.

    I like the idea the idea of an action game and glad you didn't include shooting though. But it should still have an adventure feel with puzzles, and stealth. IN the movies it was realistic. He wasn't some war hero who would beat the crap out of anyone. He was a teenager. He had to outsmart his foes. However in the game it was just to silly with the ways he beats his enemies.

    I also like the side quest suggestion as well as choices. The game should have multiple endings where you shape Marty's future and make other changes.

    Every other idea I either don't like or don't care for. I think the game could use a little free roam and non linear story/gameplay. But you're ideas are pushing it. Full control over driving? Causing a car accident? Losing the car if not hidden properly? It's too much you know. I don't even see GTA giving this much control to the player.
  • Came here looking for news on season 2... no such luck. :(

    But since I'm here, I'm gonna share my thoughts, hopes, and dreams on Back to the Future the Game Pt. 2, hopefully Telltale can take some of these to heart...

    [*] Casting - Obviously there is no Doc without Christopher Lloyd, and AJ is phenomenal as Marty. I'd love if Michael J. Fox could come back as any alternate or older versions of Marty (or relatives), but I know he's a busy guy, so I could understand if it was only like the first season again. Claudia did great as Jennifer, and I’ve got to give props to Michael Sommers, his George impression was amazing. But Lorraine and ESPECIALLY Biff didn’t sound right at all. Now that you’ve got a successful 1st season to present to them, get Lea Thompson or Tom Wilson on board (or at least a better sound-alike... Kid Beyond just didn’t do it for me.)
    [*] Story - Telltale’s got this. They don’t make games without good stories, and they’ve proven they’re all dedicated fans of the films. But if I could make suggestions...
    • Plan out a second trilogy, so have plans for two more games. That way it’s a nice nod and you can figure out how to end it once and for all.
    • Have a portion of the game where you can drive the Delorean. Everyone is waiting for it, and we’re not expecting GTA or anything - but have a final “boss” section in an episode where we can drive the dang thing ourselves for once... some of us have been waiting 30 years for that experience. (I’ve been finding other ways to time travel for a while, hence the 30 years and not 27... but I want a Delorean!)
    • Go back to the past... or is it the future? Either way, my favorite part of BTTF2 was Marty returning to the dance. We got a little bit of that in the first season, but I would love to see Marty return to 1931, or even (gasp!) 1955. It COULD be that that point in time inherently contains some sort of cosmic significance, almost as if it were the temporal junction point for the entire space-time continuum... so that would be fun to play in. Also, we need to see SOME version of the future - it could be 2012 (or whatever) as it currently is, smartphones and all, or a cooler version like the movie with flying cars and stuff. But get us to the future!
    • Include Jennifer, Clara, and the kids more. We haven’t gotten a chance to see them lately (in the proper timeline), so bring them back in some fashion.
    • Just a random story suggestion - maybe, through some time travel shenanigans, Doc and Marty never met. How could that be fixed? Plus, then we can finally see how these iconic characters first met, which could be funny if done right.
    [*] Gameplay - Only three things I would recommend. Be aware of bugs - I’d rather wait another three months for a bug free episode than get it today and have the game freeze on me or whatever it ends up doing. Second, throw in varying puzzles, a lot in the first game were very easy and weren’t even that fun. Finally, after beating the game, I’d offer a movie mode of sorts. The storytelling and actions seemed very cinematic, and it’d be awesome if we could just hit play and watch it all happen again.
    And that concludes my essay on suggestions for BTTF:TG S2.


Keep up the great work gents! As soon as season 2 is announced, my wallet will be wide open and waiting for you.
  • I'm certain Telltale will come up with something exciting, should they go through with a sequel.

    So far they have been very faithful to the original trilogy and I feel confident they won't disappoint. We were all shocked and excited with the way the series ended and I personally couldn't wait to see what would happen next.

    Perhaps with all this talk of multiple dimensions, the effects of tampering with time could be the result of the multiple Marty's. An interesting concept that could make this go any way.

    Either way, i'm really grateful for all the people that made this possible. Like millions out there, i always wished for a BTTF 4 and we all got it. Sort of. And if they continue it, consider me there!
  • Biff gets a hold of the time machine and sends Doc and Marty on a race through and against time.
  • Noname215 wrote: »
    Biff gets a hold of the time machine and sends Doc and Marty on a race through and against time.

    So basically a game based on the ride?
  • So basically a game based on the ride?

    Shit. They did do that, didn't they? I forgot about that. Still, it might be a good idea, since Disney has the stones to do ride movies.
  • So I'm currently watching the Blu-Ray set and all the behind the scenes stuff, and I'd like to see season 2 involve some stuff from original drafts of the movies that never made it into them.

    Originally, the DeLoreon was going to use a nuclear bomb from a test site, to get the necessary 1.21 gigawatts to go back to the future. I can totally see that whole sequence being played out in game-form, with Doc and Marty stranded somewhere requiring it.

    A little more far-fetched, but maybe they could be required to create a second time machine (or is that third, counting the train one that was absent from the first game?) from a fridge (again, borrowing from the original draft). Maybe the DeLoreon gets stolen/lost in time, so Doc needs to whip up something else...
    And now that I mention it, let's see the train engine time machine make a return in the next game!

    And lastly, I'd like to see another visit to 2015. Maybe they could make some sly remarks alluding to how they perceived 2015 in 1989, to how it's turning out in reality.

    Anyway, just some thoughts I've had lately...
  • Will there be a follow up to BTTF:The Game?
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Will there be a follow up to BTTF:The Game?

    Telltale haven't announced any plans for a sequel.
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