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Sam&Max complete collection disc

posted by gondsman on - last edited - Viewed by 201 users
Hello, a while back (last October) I purchased the Sam&Max complete collection, but I never ordered the DVDs (for which I should pay only shipping, if I am correct). If I try to go in the shop to get them I see a 0$ price, but when I click on the items it says that I don't own any episode and it's going to charge me the retail price. Is there a "special" item to look for in the shop for the free DVDs from the bundle?
Thanks a lot!
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    The discs have gone from not being a part of the bundle (and therefore requiring a separate order) to being a part of the bundle... and back to not being a part of it anymore (in the last few days, after a rash of complaints from people who wanted to order the bundle, but did not want the discs, mostly because of high international shipping costs).
    Here are the instructions to get the discs if you already purchased the bundle.
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