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BTTF Ep. 5 OUTATIME Discussion & BTTF Game Review

posted by MichaelJ Fox isAntarctian on - last edited - Viewed by 24.3K users
Well ya post stuff. Be all cool and smart and able to think through multiple time spectrum things in order to disprove other peoples theories. Ya...
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  • I won't spoil anything, but I simply had to make my first post on the forums to thank Tell Tale for this game, and for an amazing ending.


    The ending was so amazing that I was both laughing and crying from how unexpected it was. Thank you, Tell Tale.
  • Ashki wrote: »
    You do know you can just highlight over the spoiler tags though, right?

    I know, but you keep "hinting" at stuff. Seriously, spill the beans.
  • Honestly, it's just that I can't buy it and seriously just wanna know what happens.
  • As the other thread is locked, what did you think of this "last" episode?
  • YOU ARE SO AWESOME! And wow some of this makes sense and some of it is like WHOA!
  • A little bit short, ending was fun (especially the
    "Lets slowly go backwards into the lab and hope that ..." part

    Not a bad episode.


    Btw, did anyone else experience some sound effects missing. E.g.
    when the first of the 3 "future" deloreans arrived, there was no sound at all. Even when it ran over the garbage can.[/Spoiler.]
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