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BTTF Ep. 5 OUTATIME Discussion & BTTF Game Review

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Well ya post stuff. Be all cool and smart and able to think through multiple time spectrum things in order to disprove other peoples theories. Ya...
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  • And just because you didn't like it, you shouldn't assume everybody else didn't either ;)
  • And just because you didn't like it, you shouldn't assume everybody else didn't either ;)

    ^^^ i totally agree with you.. i absolutely loved it! felt like watching a 4th movie!
  • Been a fan since childhood. I like the game series, the story plot was excellent, the voice acting was god too. I say this was a decent BTTF game, compare to the crappy ones from the 80s and 90s. Overall, I like it.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Yeah, big surprise, it's a wrap-up review thread, and both negative as well as positive comments are welcome even though some points might have been heard somewhere else.
  • irishhips wrote: »
    Been a fan since childhood. I like the game series, the story plot was excellent, the voice acting was god too. I say this was a decent BTTF game, compare to the crappy ones from the 80s and 90s. Overall, I like it.

    WOW, You took the words right out of my mouth... i'd take telltale's renditions over LJN's anyday!!! this was completely breathtaking and i'm glad that
    heffa edna got everything she had coming to her, although she shoulda stayed in jail for all the hell she caused [/spoiler]
    but all in all loved it.. and i def will be playing the entire series over and over again!!!
  • Mino_Dan wrote: »
    With what exactly is the timestream catching up. What happened that would negate this DeLorean out of existence?

    Well, in the first, he explains that the DeLorean was created from the lightning hitting it, so it existed out of the timelines being altered (explaining why it didn't disappear when normal Doc was erased and Marty arrived in alternate 1986).

    So I'm assuming that even though the DeLorean was able to be unaffected by timeline changes, that either:

    A. It was bound to be erased after a period of time by the time-space-continuum trying to correct itself somehow.

    or, unlikely because it's highly contradictory:

    B. All the timeline changes that on numerous occasions would have prevented Doc from becoming Normal Doc and going through the lightning-strike experience, thereby preventing the duplicate from existing, caused the duplicate to continuously degrade. But if you accept this, then you have to come up with why it would still degrade after the timeline is essentially restored.
  • caeska wrote: »
    And Edna just supposedly goes nuts and abandons a working time machine, never to use it again? Yeah right. I don't think that story line was very well thought out. You sacrificed too much realism for the sake of convenience there, Telltale.
    Actually, it probably burned down with Hill Valley. Hence why it was in such a state outside of her house.

    Anyway my view on the game:
    I tried not to look at it as a game, and I succeeded, particularly with this last episode since there were so many cutscenes. In my opinion, games that are mostly story based aren't any worse than those based around gameplay. This felt more like Back to the Future 4, which is what most fans wanted. including myself (although DEFINATELY not live-action, that'd mean replacing most of the actors, which is why this was perfect - even though Michael was replaced...). I've been obsessed with Back to the Future for almost my entire life, a geeky admition is that I know every line in the film pretty much word for word (I only watched each of them about 20 times, it's not that bad!).

    I wasn't planning to finish this episode in one playthrough. Turns out I did though. I got so sucked into it I didn't even notice the credits, just "to be continued".

    I had more fun playing this than any game I've ever played, and I play a lot of games. The puzzles were simple and a lot of it was just down to trying things until you got it right (like talking to Trixie to get the tickets). But hey, like I said, in this case the story is so good you don't need to look at the gameplay.

    Oh and it was a little annoying not seeing Clara, Jules, or Verne (well... Verne... I wouldn't have minded if he was... off-screen).

    10/10, even with the slight complaints.

    No wait hang on, where was Marty's black tank top and bowling ball head? Where were all the bee's, bully's and... uhh... hoola hoop girls?
  • The finale was a convoluted mess storywise. And I still don't get from "when" exactly our Doc returned with his DeLorean.

    Logically it has to from somewhere before the series started. But that would negate the whole series in the first place.

    Weak writing in its most awful incarnation!
  • Ashki wrote: »
    Calm down there dude, they're looking into it.

    Anyways, something Citizen Brown did right at the beginning surprised the Hell out of me, I would post what it was, but I don't know how to put the spoilers label over my text.

    It's really easy, dude. Just put [ spoiler ] [/ spoiler ] around your text without the spaces and you're golden.
  • Just finished it.

    Way better than Double Visions. Great work on all the dialogue and the voice acting. And you managed to answer every question I had during the series. Some were kind of obvious like Edna being the arsonist or Trixie = Sylvia, but I never expected Doc to write a book about his best friend's family roots. That was touching.
    There were some pretty hilarious moments too, like the Xbox 360 headsets and Doc's comment how he got them. :D
    And I felt very bad for FCB, although in Episode 4 and the first half of this he got all out Magneto on us.

    Pretty satisfying ending. Edna being married to Kid was a surprise. It became a bit odd with all the Marty clones from alternate realities.

    And Michael J. Fox sounded great. Good job of giving him a supporting role.

    Nonetheless, the "To be Continued..." got me intrigued. I'm definitely looking forward to more BttF from you guys.
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