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Episode 5 - House of Glass (Bug in Game, Download Patched Version to Fix)

posted by gillnavisingh on - last edited - Viewed by 7.1K users
When Marty enters the house of Glass to find Emmett - after revealing to Officer Parker that she is the arsonist... and seeing Emmett and Citizen Brown inside the House of Glass

Nothing happens after the cutscene where the two Emmetts talk...

I can't get out of the house, i can't interact with anything, I'm trapped... :mad:

I'm supposed to open "The upstairs wall" because "The Downstairs wall" won't open.

But nothing happens, and i click everything, and use everything in my inventory...

What am I supposed to do right after I enter the House of glass?


MOD EDIT: This is a known game-breaking bug, please check in this support thread for the latest updates on a fix.

There is a working savegame at the start of the glass house here, and one at the end of the glass house section here.

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