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Six degrees of Wikipedia

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I love this game
[*]Go to Wikipedia
[*]Click on "Random Article" and get a random page
[*]Click on "Random Article" (Again) and get ANOTHER random page.
[*]Try to go to the second random article from the first one, using only links from THAT page.
[*]Post a list of every page you go through on your journey in this thread.

Here's mine;
Greece – Bosnia and Herzegovina Friendship Building => Bulbasaur

Greece – Bosnia and Herzegovina Friendship Building > Greece > Greek Mythology > Family tree of the Greek gods > Zeus > Heracles > Hercules in popular culture > Kingdom Hearts II > Action role-playing game > Role-playing video game > Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness > Pokémon > Bulbasaur.
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  • I got a few things that would get me banned, except this:

    The Summit School is an approved private school in New York City.[1] It operates on two campuses in Queens, New York, USA. The Lower School educates elementary and middle school children.
  • I think that you missed the point of the game, Homsarthesong.

    Anyway, here are my tries:

    Anahuac Disturbances=> Leo Hope-Ede

    Anahuac Disturbances>Mexico>Constitutional Republic>Constitutional Monarchy>New Zealand>Category: New Zealand>Category: Sport in New Zealand>Category: New Zealand sportspeople>Category: New Zealand association footballers>Category: New Zealand association footballers (page 2)>Leo Hope-Ede

    Yeah, I did some research in between, but posting it will make it boring.

    Now used in TVTropes!

    Space Brasilia=>Cute Mute

    Space Brasilia>Bizarrchitecture>Malevolent Architecture>Portal>Heroic Mime>The Silent Bob>Marx Brothers>Duck Soup> Cute Mute.
    (Some trial and error was here, but I didn't include it to avoid confusion.)
  • 2008 Champ Car season => Once Upon a Tour

    2008 Champ Car season > Netherlands > North-West Europe > Finland > Nightwish > Once Upon a Tour

    That's 6. Do I get a metal for that?
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