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Dvd now shipping!

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Now that BttF has wound down, newcomers probably remember that they are entitled to a free disc. Here's a quick FAQ on how you get it:

1. Make sure you bought it directly from Telltale. Only PC/Mac pruchases from Telltale's store qualify. iPad, PS3 and third party sites do not get a free disc.


3. Pre-order. This gives Telltale a good idea how many discs need to be pressed. If you don't pre-order, you'll still get your disc, but it will take more time. Telltale will put up a blog post when they are available.

4. Pay for shipping. The discs are free, but you will still have to pay for shipping. If you are not in the US or Canada, and you want a bunch of things from Telltale, it may be cheaper to have everything shipped at once, so keep this in mind, too.

5. More waiting!

6. Get your disc. Hug it and be nice to it. It won't bite, I promise.

Preorders are now available, in regular and limited edition Special flavors.
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