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Are you supposed to play the game on high hint level?

posted by oberlerchner123 on - last edited - Viewed by 830 users
I started playing the game with hint level on low.
I figured hey im not an idiot, I dont need hints, and it will make the game longer.
But pretty much all the puzzles were click on everything and it just works.
I progressed so fast doing that. But it's not really playing anything.
It was just clicking random stuff, and wondering afterwards
"Why that way? There were other solutions, but the game wont let them work."

When I replayed the game, I set the hint level on high, because I heard there is more dialog.
I always waited for Doc or Marty to speak what is on their mind, and well the game actually makes sense.
The gameplay is actually somewhat fun like that. But the joke is you actually progress slower doing it like that, then just randomly clicking stuff.

So was the game only made to make sense with high hint level?
And if so why even bother adding a hint level? I'm confused.
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  • That's interesting. I play the game with the standard hint level (is there one), and the game certainly made sense to me. It wasn't exactly hard, but I enjoyed it.
  • Yeah medium hint level probably works too.
    But at low hint level its basicly click random stuff and it works.
  • I always turn hints right down, and I never miss any of the story or why something should work. Part of it may be because I have a small obsession with trying to do EVERYTHING, though. xD

    What exactly confused you? I'm not sure how I could demonstrate it's not as "randomly point and click" as you think otherwise.
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