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Jurassic Park TV show

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Hi everyone,
I had an idea a few days ago in the JP4 thread and its sort of taken over the thread so I though it was time to give it its own thread. The basic idea is a saturday night TV show in jurassic park, where it is fully operational with rides and guests. Some ideas for episodes were dinos escaping, biosyn espionage, rides failing, people wandering off and causing trouble, hackers and the occasional tropical storm to really shake thing up. I have put everyones thoughts so far below so we can sort of continue from where we left off (I just copy and pasted the lot, there must be a better way to keep it in its original format but I don't know about it)


Just an idea everyone, it might of been suggested before but I would like to know what you all think.
What if a theme park company brought the land that the park was on and then went in to try to sort it all out. They could capture the dinos and then start to rebuild the park back to it's former glory, but this time with modern technology. They could completely start the park and then have guests and everything.
I don't know how this will end yet as I only just thought of it and now that I think about it it sort of sounds like the second movie. But anyway what do you guys think?


I had an idea simular to yours, Sallymerrett22 but for a TV series. I wouldn't mind seeing a TV series based off Jurassic Park where the first tour went as planned and Jurassic Park actually opened. The series would be about different adventures happening on Isla Nublar with the park open to the public. Perhaps one ep. the raptors get out and they're trying to capture them. There's a lot of story to be had about running a dinosaur park.


Wow! I love your idea waroftheworlds01. I think that would be absolutely excellent. The first episode could be a double episode where they go back to the park and design rides and stuff and re open it. It could end just as they open the gates to the public. You could have loads of different episodes with dinos escaping, rides failing, people wandering off, hackers causing trouble. It would make excellent Saturday night viewing and get everyone hyped up about dinosaurs again.


I would love a tv series of events before the first film. how they built the park etc...


Yeah, a TV show would be cool. Hell, I'd take an animated series as well but I would prefer live action.


i dig it, have grant and billy working there, new dinosaurs being added to the park (and or causing problems) and for the hacker idea have Ingen technicians battle Biosyn hackers for cyber supremacy and add the whole corperate espionage theme to the show as well. who ever came up with the TV show /Hi5 you are a genius


I'm loving the biosyn espionage idea, that would be really cool too. I think we should start a new thread with this in at some point.

And this brings us all up to date, I hope you all like the idea and have some nice things to add to it.
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  • Sallymerrett22;519791 said:
    biosyn espionage
    I cannot imagine any major US TV network turning down a show with the pitch:

    "Think 24, but with dinosaurs!"

    .. you have me ridiculously excited with this idea :D
  • Of course i could think of no better team to run the project than J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg. :)

    The show could use the double plot format that a lot of show use. You know how in the show House there's always the case of the day and then the overall story being told in one episode. Jurassic Park would be like that. THe overall story would be about Biosyn espionage and the sub plot would be a dino outbreak or some character development. Cool things like that.
  • I think that Terra Nova is about as close as you are likely to get.

    Also produced by Stephen Spielburg, I might add.
  • i had an idea very simillar to where this was going on i believe the first or second page of the thread involving InGen rebuilding after a court case against biosyn, right below one of sean jp's posts.
  • Shut up all of you. I already have a screenplay for a Jurassic Park like TV series
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