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Devil's Playhouse Steam Offer?

posted by chrismith on - Viewed by 113 users
I know I'm way late to the party, but since Team Fortress 2 went free-to-play I decided to mess around with it a little bit, and was pleasantly surprised to find some items from Poker Night at the Inventory waiting for me when I installed the game. I also realized that I had qualified for the severed Max head item by pre-ordering The Devil's Playhouse way back when, but since I didn't play TF2 at the time I didn't grab a Steam code for it.

I found this page which was once used to give out the codes for the item, but it now says the offer has expired. Is there any way to still redeem this offer, or am I out of luck?

EDIT: Ack, nevermind. I just looked back through my purchase history and realized that I actually bought The Devil's Playhouse a few weeks after it was released, so I never qualified to begin with. Oh well! Please disregard this post.
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