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upgrading to Vista

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Okay. I bought the full season set of Sam and Max. I can't get episode 2 to work, the whole "you need to buy it" - "i already did" tag error etc etc. before i go through all the nonsense of getting it activated i have a question:

I'm going to upgrade from XP to vista in next few days/weeks. will re-installing sam/max just break again as seeing this computer as a "different computer" and screw me all over again? I guess i'm wondering if it's worth the time/energy now to get my episodes working now on xp if i'm going to just have to go through getting them "fixed" again once i goto vista.
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  • Culture Shock does not activate properly under Vista right now. The other episodes should be okay, but I don't know if they will need to be reactivated when you upgrade to Vista.

    Your best bet is to redownload them from the find my order page after you upgrade, and then reinstall them. This way they should activate automatically for you.

    Regarding episode 2 and the missing tags error - this usually happens because something went wrong with the activation system during download or installation. Redownloading often fixes it, or we can send you an activation key. It's a stupid error, but easily resolved. (But if you're going to upgrade to Vista anyway, I can understand wanting to wait to get it activated until then.)
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