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Question about the hats

posted by Dasutobani on - last edited - Viewed by 449 users
I'm thinking seriously about buying one, but I want to know what type of fastener system is on the back of the Max and crossbones hats? Velcro? Stretch fit? or one of those buckles that digs into your forehead?, or cheap plastic snaps?

Ultimately this will help me decide to buy one or not, (since the picture is no indication)
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  • It's a metal fastener, but I don't think it'll dig into your forehead (I'm assuming you mean if you have the hat on backward?) All the metal is on the outside. The strap is cloth and adjustable.

    They're very nice hats. The brand name is Sportsman, if that's any help.

    EDIT: Look at the Sportsman page here. I'm not sure which style we use but it might be the Brushed Unstructured or Brushed Sandwich. There's a picture of the strap there too.
  • mmm, brushed sandwich.
  • Ah, yes, Now I see, Thanks for the link, its very helpful. And yeah, I tend to rotate caps to keep the sun out of my eyes/ off my neck, this is an OK buckle, I was referring to the "clip buckle" type (THOSE dig into your forehead when on backward), and not a cloth strip slide like they have there, I think I'll order one, then. Thanks for the help! :D
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