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Simple Question...

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I enjoy most pc games but one thing is that the compete for space on my computer.

A lot of traditional games have low replay value.
But I read an article in Gamespy that really got me interested.

It said
"Episode 1 will take place in a small slice of the city that will eventually open in subsequent episodes."

So after the "episode" is over can you just free roam the city? Unlock some hidden clues? What? I just wanted to know what this implies.

I also want to know how much can the player personalize his or her experience in the game? Can they create a cameo in the game? Multi-player? Can you dress the characters in ridiculous get up? Run rampant in the city after the story mode is over?
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  • It means that the first episode takes place relatively "close to home" (Sam & Max's neighborhood, close to the office). As the season progresses, the episodes will take place in varied places that take Sam and Max farther and farther from home.

    You won't be freely roaming around the city. Each episode contains certain locations that tie in to the story of that episode. (But of course within the episode, you can usually go to the locations that are available whenever you want to.)
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    Ah that clears things up :D Thanks!
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