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TTG Secret Santa 1.5: This Time, It's Summer!

posted by Ribs on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
I promised last time to do this when the next sale occurred, and now it has, so fun fun fun! It was a tremendous success, everyone got games that were fun and (I'm sure) were fun for all.

If you don't know what Secret Santa is, it is a common holiday event between larger groups of people. Basically, a bunch of people sign up, and are assigned a random other person who also has signed up, and everyone buys eachother something without knowing who their gift will come from!

Rules Specific to This Secret Santa
Applicants must gift items using Steam.
Items should not be worth less then $3, or rougly £2.
Items purchased should not exceed $30, or £18, roughly, so we don't have anyone buying anyone else iPods and other people buying Laptop Covers.
You must send your gift by July 10th, 2011.

To register, please reply below saying you're in and send me a PM with the email address your Steam account is linked to, so your Santa can gift it to you. If you have titles in particular you would like, feel free to send a link to your wishlist. Registration does not close until July 5th, but once a sizable amount of people have joined I will start pairing people up.

Other Information
If you have any questions, please, contact me by PM or reply below!

Steam works in an odd way where if you buy a gift for someone, it sends exactly what you bought. For example, if an Australian gifts someone in the UK Left 4 Dead 2 then it's the censored version Australia gets instead of the UK one. This is just a disclaimer, but it potentially could make anyone in Australia want to hold off on buying titles like L4D2.

Applicants (So Far)
Wishlists are linked if available.
1. Ribs
2. jeeno0142
3. corruptbiggins
4. divisionten (in order of preference)
5. Javi-Wan Kenobi
6. Strong Badinator (deluxe/goty editions of Oblivion and Borderlands)
7. SilverWolfPet (in order of preference, do not gift racing games)
8. Rather Dashing
9. Giant Tope
10. FitzoliverJ
11. Comrade Pants

(Feel free to turn this into 'Discuss The Steam Sales' like it did last time, too)
Have Fun, and do sign up if you can!
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  • Ribs;523919 said:
    It probably just means that they aren't sending emails so no one will recieve the gift. However, if the person is already on your friends list it just pops up in Steam with no email assuming you are online. So you can either wait or everyone can add everyone to maintain the secrecy. You can always resend the gift, though, so if you are all patient it should be fine.

    .... but if the person *isn't* in your Friends list, you'd need to invite them to be your friend and then reissue the gift to them using the function under the "Games" drop-down menu once they've OK'd it.
  • Somebody should soon be receiving his/her game...
  • Aaaand, my gift has been sent. Happy Summer, giftee!
  • This doesn't even make sense. I refuse to participate. And only a little bit 'cause I was late.... (Okay, all 'cause I was late)
  • TomPravetz;524000 said:
    This doesn't even make sense. I refuse to participate. And only a little bit 'cause I was late.... (Okay, all 'cause I was late)
    If you want, you can send me a gift and you don't even need to recieve anything!
  • Thank you sooooo much, Matt! (StrongBadinator)

    I really didn't expect this and.. and... thank you!! :D :D

    * big summer hug * !!
  • I have recieved my gift! Thank you very much SilverWolfPet! I'm going to be having tons of fun playing them!

    *Hugs back*

    :D Thanks again!

    Silverwolfpet;523782 said:
    Just to be on the safe side, I will NOT play Hitman tonight. I usually get emotional over the atmosphere in games and it would be a shame to shoot my target instead of buying him/her a game.
    I'm pleased you decided NOT to shoot me.
  • Silverwolfpet;524016 said:
    Thank you sooooo much, Matt! (StrongBadinator)

    I really didn't expect this and.. and... thank you!! :D :D

    * big summer hug * !!
    Daww, my pleasure. Glad you enjoy it!

    * returns summer hug *!

    And now I wait patiently for mine. :D
  • I'm glad to see it's been a mild success so far! Although, it'd be nice to know what games people got :P.
  • Javi-Wan Kenobi;523986 said:
    Somebody should soon be receiving his/her game...
    Thanks so much for Fallout: New Vegas!
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