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Puzzle Agent 2 Review Thread

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So we finally return to the crazy creepy town of Scoggins for a second helping of nuts!

What did you think of Puzzle Agent 2?
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  • Meanwhile i had some more time to play to riddle #15.

    The story slightly enhanced, additional characters are more convincing and appear less out of place, still the conversations somehow aren't really part of the gameplay. I love the music in the diner. I want to bomb the motel/hotel whatever, the woman gets completely on my nerves. Great: an astronaut suit and topics like astronomy and math! A few nice riddles but the majority still aren't convincing and some really suck badly. I find this very sad as it seems to be the bread and butter for such a kind of game, if it isn't the story. And not this challenging riddles/boring ones already were critisised in part 1.
  • I'm through... :O/

    I do appreciate that the installation/registration worked this time, i had no crashes nor experienced major glitches. Kind of sad that you have to appreciate this at all.

    I do appreciate the overall mood and the Grickle style.
    I do very much appreciate a space/astronomy driven story, some screams and two great tunes.
    I did not like the extremely poor puzzle design, the lack of interesting variety/any sense of a challenge or simply bad designed puzzles or some puzzles you can't control properly.
    I did not like a few characters, the voices in a few cases weren't fitting to the characters, they had boring things to say, didn't play a real role, a few rather awkward animations, the whole bubble gum idea is nonsense the way it's implemented.
    The story could have been way more interesting and come with some depth, less stereotypes, same with the characters.
    Better integration of dialogues, story and puzzles would be welcome.

    If i think about how long i played the game, it was over way too soon.

    After Puzzle Agent and the feedback it got from the community i expected a lot more more than just this. It was kind of fun playing a Grickle game again but it always felt poorly designed (no idea if this was due to a lack of inspiration/talent/budget/... ). I would rate it with a 5/10. And if it wouldn't be about Grickle and space then ...
  • Short review for a short game:
    I feel like Puzzle Agent 2 was worse than it's predecessor in pretty much every way. Story wasn't quite as strong, puzzles weren't quite as good and I do believe this game was shorter as well. At least that's what it felt like, it might be due to the first game having harder puzzles. With that said it's still a reasonably good game. I was hoping for more but what I got was... satisfactory, at least. The "Grickle" atmosphere is there and for $10, that's good enough for me.

    P.S. The tune from "We Sing the Forest Electric" kicking off at [a certain point of the game] was a nice touch.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    I was really looking forward to this game's release, and it didn't disappoint. Although it's not quite as good as its predecessor, Puzzle Agent 2 is a decent followup to Nelson's first trip to Scoggins.

    The Puzzles

    On the whole the puzzles seemed easier (and possibly less numerous?) than the first Puzzle Agent game, but there were certainly some good ones in there. I loved Cross the Streams - a nice extension of the usual "three animals crossing the river" puzzle. I got it wrong in all the ways I could just to see all the animals eating each other. Points for the Ghostbusters nod too!

    I also liked 'Round the Cosmos, Lander Circuitry, and the two bonus robot puzzles. I'd probably love the King's Challenge if I was good enough to solve it. :)

    My least favourite puzzle was the Coin Box... US people looking at a version using any foreign coins would probably have a similar reaction. The puzzle itself was a good one, but I feel that the international audience was definitely overlooked when the coin values weren't provided in the rules. Hitting the internet to look up US coins or going the trial-and-error route (while ranting internally about US-centrism) definitely breaks the mood a bit.

    The Story

    The story is pretty linear, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I felt like I was helping Nelson follow a trail of clues, rather than that the game was on rails.

    The writers did a great job mixing creepiness and humour. Scenes like
    Director Jennings in the diner and Korka turning out to be bonkers are a nice counterpoint to the genuinely scary astronauts.
    There are also some cool throwaway references to Grickle cartoons like Sing the Forest Electric and Space Wolf. Little touches like that go a long way.

    There was a lot going on towards the end of the game, and there were some parts of the story I didn't understand.
    What happened to the crazy astronauts? Are they still on the loose in the woods? Why did they inject Nelson with a sleeping drug and then... take him back to his hotel room? Or did the Hidden People save him? Why did the secret agents just stand by holding their guns while Nelson messed around with the lunar ray?

    The two different endings were a nice addition, one that I really appreciate. It's satisfying to know that your success or failure in the final puzzle actually has some consequence on the outcome (even though we end up with the same result, just in a slightly different way).

    On the whole I really enjoyed this game, and I'm very glad that Telltale got the chance to make it in between some of their bigger licences.
  • Loved it up to and including the meeting with Isaac Davner. Music, art style, story, writing and voice acting all perfect up to that point. Then it got very warped and stayed like that.

    The coin puzzle I got by guessing. I didn't even realise Americans called their 1c pieces pennies too. Had no clue what the other coins were, having never seen them before. I've lived in Britain all my life and we have coins where value and size don't correspond.

    There were too few types of puzzles.

    The last puzzle didn't say you need to use one continuous line!

    The game ended on far too many loose ends and, what with Nelson ending up back in his office when by rights he should be sacked, if not jailed, it left me cold.
  • thom-22 wrote: »
    I am becoming increasingly convinced that episodic gaming is a mistake, at least when the plot isn't naturally episodic.

    The bit that concerns me is that Puzzle Agent 2 was meant to be a full game. It honestly didn't feel any longer than most of the S&M Season 3 and ToMI episodes.

    That could be a by-product of the very directed feel of the game, though - instead of being encouraged to explore locations and follow our own instincts, which might have made the game feel bigger and ore open, we were prompted to go everywhere we needed to, and nothing seemed to be happening at alternative locations. For a game that seemed to be presenting red herrings and making you question things plot wise, the play experience was perhaps too linear (that may have suited BTTF, but IMO just doesn't feel right here).

    Don't get me wrong though. I enjoyed and still would have purchased PA2 if I had've known what it would be like - I think the Puzzle Agent pilot was a lot stronger and set our expectations a little higher than Puzzle Agent 2 could stand up to.
  • lombre wrote: »
    Okay, it was absolutely wonderful for the first 3/4. Interesting story, perfect atmosphere, (mostly) good puzzles. As soon Isaac showed up, things went far too fast and made zero sense. Far too many loose ends that were completely ignored. It felt like you guys just ran out of time and tried to wrap it up asap.

    Snap. I was loving it until this point; the ending felt far too rushed and the story became convoluted and hard to follow.
  • I enjoyed the story line, but there were definitely fewer puzzles in this one, even including the bonus puzzles, and that's just total number. Less variety in the puzzles themselves, many repeats within the game. The puzzles were way easier than last time. Like the last puzzle agent, unanswered questions a plenty to keep us waiting for the next installment.

    What I really didn't like was that the game was clearly shorter in addition to being far too linear. I really liked the exploration that made the previous game more in the adventure genre. Ironically, despite the addition of 2 new characters, I feel like the majority of the characters were completely ignored, and many were just cut or only got a select few lines.
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