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Puzzle Agent 2 Review Thread

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So we finally return to the crazy creepy town of Scoggins for a second helping of nuts!

What did you think of Puzzle Agent 2?
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  • Anyway, someone please explain the action "Nelson's Run" puzzle to me.

    You have to connect the icons in the correct order. The order is given at the begining: Nasa-Moon-Ecuation-Hidden people.

    You have to click and link the icons in that order, before they reach Nelson. And you have to do it three times.
  • My full review here:

    PA1 review (for comparison)-
    PA2 review-

    My main gripe is that this would have been much better if it had been merged with the first game and sold as one long adventure game. With some very minor editing of the finale of the last game and the intro to this one, it could easily have been one fantastic game instead of one great game and one good game.

    Also, needed more creepiness that was so well done in the first game! Played it on a friend's computer, but will still be picking it up myself.
  • I personally felt there were too much pause between the dialogues, moving of character when you are not able to interact with graphics/your surroundings, where absolutely nothing happens, that makes the game a bit frustrating. I don't know if this is about adding gameplay-hours ;) The puzzles were fun. I kind of liked the first episode a bit more than this one.
  • So far... (by the looks of it I'm about half-way through) I'm enjoying it. I'm very glad they made Puzzle Agent 2. In fact I wouldn't rank it much below the first game, which I enjoyed greatly (like 8/10), given that it's a casual game driven by mystery.

    The puzzles themselves are quite easy for the most part, but on the other hand if they were harder I'd find myself being driven to take breaks and come back the next day to figure them out (I did this with the forest maze).

    I've also just played the Back to the Future games and there's a bit of puzzle recycling (and sometimes rather easy puzzles) in those too. If that's the only way Telltale can get the games out on time, then fine. Otherwise maybe it's not just the FBI that would benefit from a department of Puzzle Research. Increasing the quality of puzzles would push both games from "good" to "great".
  • I'm surprised no one has mentioned this at length, so I'll throw it out here.

    The character and camera animation in Puzzle Agent 2 seem significantly improved over PA -- there are more subtle facial reactions and gestures incorporated, the performance timing seems sharper, and there's more visually interesting stuff going on in general.

    It was most noticeable for me when talking to Martha Garrett at the inn early on, as her repertoire has been expanded quite a bit. But there are lots of nice new things here -- the panning shots in town and in the forest, more closeup shots of characters, more full-body animation, better and more committed acting (animation-wise.) There's also more attention to detail -- things we can look at that don't contribute to the story directly, but enhance the atmosphere.

    Like others, I thought the ending seemed a little abrupt as well, but as one of the things I like about the Puzzle Agent series is a certain Twin Peaks vibe, I really can't complain about sudden endings. I've certainly played old-school text adventures that end REALLY abruptly and illogically, I was happy to go with the flow here.
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