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Preferences reset, saved games text wrong ("Unknown Location," etc.)

posted by Tuhljin on - Viewed by 305 users
I tried running Back to the Future Episode 5 today and got a message saying it couldn't initialize the graphics or something like that. (Sorry, I don't have the exact error message.) I'd seen that before when trying to run the game, but closing some tabs on my web browser fixed it last time, so I did this again and yes, the game was able to run. However, my preferences were reset or altered, so the game was running in a window instead of full screen and was at the wrong resolution. That was an easy enough fix, but what's most annoying is what happened to my saved games.

I'm still able to load the saved games fine - at least, I assume it's fine, since they appear to be in the places I left them - but on the Load/Save screen, all of them display the wrong text. Instead of the time saved, they say "Unknown Date." Instead of the location in-game where they were saved, they say "Unknown Location." And instead of a brief retelling of the story so far, they just give the summary you get at the beginning of the game that asks "where's Emmett?" even though, in my saved games, I've already found him.

Now, my computer's had some issues that resulted in a number of crashes, so that might be related, but the crashes didn't happen while running Back to the Future (or any Telltale Games).

In case it matters, my computer is running Windows 7 and I don't run the game as administrator. (I had to do that in order to play one of the previous episodes but I didn't have a problem with this one other than what I've described above.) I did try running it as administrator after I ran into this issue, but it didn't make a difference: The saved games still say "Unknown Location," etc.

It's not the worst problem in the world.. I might even be able to just load the saved games and then save on top of them again and it'd show the right info... but I wanted to report it anyway so hopefully it can get fixed.
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