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a minor glitch in Sam & max

posted by marsan on - last edited - Viewed by 534 users

There's a minor glitch in all the episodes that will only occur on Windows XP x64. When I enter the office, I hear no music playing. In my Windows XP 32-bit the sound works fine. This occurs in some other locations as well, but in others not. When I enter Sybils the music will play, but when I enter Bosco's suddenly the music is gone. The music comes back when I walk out on the street.

I am not sure in what extent the game supports Windows XP x64, since it says only Windows XP on the system requirements, but I am sure you can use this information for something no matter :)

Of course, this is nothing serious. I just wanted to report it just in case.
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  • What antivirus software are you using? Someone reported elsewhere on this forum that their antivirus software seemed to be preventing the music from playing.
  • actually, I don't use any anti-virus software on Windows XP x64 at all, since I just use it for playing Oblivion and some other trusted games. I only installed it there since I was aciddently there at the time - having just played Oblivion and all :)
  • Okay. Well, it's definitely not something that should happen, but I don't know why it's happening, either. :p
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