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Coin Box Puzzle

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Hey guys,

Loving PA2 so far, but I have to complain about the coin box puzzle. Without values on the coins, this puzzle is completely incomprehensable to those outside of the states, who don't immediately know the value of the coins. It forces the player to alt tab out, go and find the values, and keep refering back to them - and on top of that, it's a guessing game as to which one to pick, as the images mean little. In some situations this wouldn't be too bad, as it would just be another element to the puzzle. But in PA, I understood that the game gives you all the required information for a puzzle, and it's up to you to work it out from there.
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    HoboStew Telltale Staff
    There are a couple of puzzles that some (if not most) people will require outside help to solve. We tried to make sure those puzzles were included as side puzzles, not puzzles necessary to advance the story. Sorry if you found it frustrating!
  • Ah, but I meant the other one, I think? (I meant fifth as in the coin other than the four I mentioned; not the fifth in the row. In retrospect, I didn't phrase that very well.)
  • It is... its her with her baby son. I remember reading some of Lewis and Clark's journals they complained a lot.. imagine what the trip must have been like for poor Sacagawea not only having to endure all the hardships they did but worrying about a child as well... Makes Lewis and Clark seem like a bunch of whiny babies.
  • NOTE :: No spoiler tags because the title is obvious that there are spoilers in this thread.

    Had to quit the game and come here to complain about the puzzle. No identification in the puzzle that it ought to be harder than other or require outside help. Even if there was such an advance warning I would've still thought the puzzle to be cheap and annoying.

    Did you forget that people outside the united states are going to play this game?

    This is poor puzzle design, sorry. At least give out the values of the coins in the first hint. I understood from the get go how the puzzle should be solved, but even after using all three hints I had no clue on what the correct answer is.

    Bottom line is, the absolute minimum would've been to have some sort of "EXTREME PUZZLE" warning when you start this up, with a warning that you might need to look up some additional information to solve this puzzle. The game just presumed that I know how pennies and dimes work.

    Even after knowin all values I would've actually thought quarters came next, as it was the next biggest coin in existence. The hints sorted this out but I had no way of knowing.
  • It was a bit weird that you had to keep alt tabbing to be able to play that bit of the game.

    I had to alt tab out to look out the value of pi, and no soon am I back in the game I have to alt-tab back to read up on American currency!

    Having said that, as soon as I knew the values I did get it pretty quickly after that. Might have been an idea to provide a key or something in the help text to avoid alt-tabbing out, but no worries.

    I think my biggest complaint of the puzzles in the game would be that your 1s look like too much 7s. It took me ages to work out how you could make the clock-face connection from 71, 72, 7, 2...
  • Soultaker;522699 said:
    Ah, but I meant the other one, I think? (I meant fifth as in the coin other than the four I mentioned; not the fifth in the row. In retrospect, I didn't phrase that very well.)
    Ah! Sorry. The coin you didn't mention was a nickel.
  • I too am currently alt+tabbed out of the game to complain about this lousy design choice.. The puzzle wouldn't be as horrible as it is now for non US players, if they'd just taken some time to create one of those "rules" pages showing the coin value.

    Bad internationalization is bad.
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