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need some help with Episode 3

posted by KingOfNynex2003 on - last edited - Viewed by 408 users
I bought this on the Playstation Network and I've been playing through all the episodes trying to get all of the Trophies and so far I've got every single Trophy, all except for 1 of them, it's that one where it says you need to get every single demerit in the game, and I can't figure it out, for anyone that's got that Trophy, if you could remember and tell me each of the crimes that I need to commit to get that Trophy I'd be really grateful.
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  • first crime: alcohol
    - you must talk with dad about mom problem
    - near statue talk with mom and when she argue with dad, touch statue 2x times to block camera, surprise mom when drink from flask and pickup flask. go to officer Parker and you done crime no.1

    second crime: dog
    - talk with Leech (soup kitchen) about allergy and pickup wienie... when dog come to steal wienie follow him... when dog run away, take spray can from Jennifer and use it on plank... when dog come back you just follow tracks and give wienie to dog... go to town square.

    third crime: kissing in public
    - pick up guitar from dad garage to impress Jennifer. talk with her and you want to duel with Leech for Jennifer love. Leech cheating in guitar duel and you must also... first do bicycle kick, then move toward Jennifer and go up on container... jump when you up and Leech is in garbage... now you get kiss and enough to see first citizen Brown.
  • thanks, I actually found a hint on what it is I'm supposed to do in another thread, thanks anyways.
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