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Raccoon Spa

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This one completely throws me (but then, so did the ice rink puzzle). The hints are really unhelpful. Would anyone please show me the way?
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  • Just completed this one myself, what you need to look at it not the raccoons but the foot prints in the snow. First one is the 3 standing on the shore with no footprints anywhere, then you go from there. Small details but its obvious if you look closely. Will respond again if this does not help.
  • Yeah I figured it out from the foot prints as well.
  • Thanks, guys. Nice to know I wasn't the only one. I eventually got it at random.
  • Irishmile wrote: »
    Yeah I figured it out from the foot prints as well.
    Here another one.

    That's too bad, because the "How?" afterwards explained that you should really have been looking at the raccoons on the bridge, in the water, and at the shore.
  • I looked at the raccoons and failed (since the hints said they grouped and don't return I figured obviously 6 and 6 should be before 4 and 4, and I just needed to put them in proper order).
    I looked at the footprints and succeeded.

    Sure that was the intention of the puzzle... :p
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