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TTG's Games Page needs a makeover

posted by PedsterUK on - last edited - Viewed by 198 users
I'm on about

No BttF, No Puzzle Agent 2, No JP, No Hector, No Poker Night... etc etc

It has their failed Wallace & Gromit still!

Is it that hard to spruce it up?
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    I was thinking the same thing. Granted, I was thinking that they were waiting until they had the names of episodes for more seasons in order to include them on the page, but then again they could just say "Coming Soon" or something to that extent instead of listing episodes.
  • I know it's a bit odd, but why on earth do people consider Wallace to have failed? It showed no signs of anything like that and no one has officially gone on record besides vague assumptions from prominent forumers.
  • I was always thinking about a games page that lists the episodes under different categories that they belong to; the seasons theirselves, in neatly colored borders of each own. Would make navigation a lot easier for people having episodes from a lot of seasons.
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    Interesting idea. I originally just wanted them to expand the page, but after a while navagation would be tedious from all the new projects Telltale is working on if they just expanded like I said.
  • I think they should redoe their entire site. Make it look cooler. Also i think theirs a new version of this forum they are using. They should upgrade it
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