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Really laggy

posted by gyode on - last edited - Viewed by 920 users
I cant get the first and fourth sam and max games to work right on my computer. My computer is a vista.
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  • What sort of problem are you having with episode 1? That one doesn't activate properly on Vista, if that's what you're talking about.

    Please provide some more info about what you're experiencing, and also your system specs.
  • when it plays the movement is laggy. the load times are really long and the voices skip. my computer is a e machine with pentium 4 and ati radeon xpress 200. 3.0 ghz 512mb 160 gb
  • I want my money back. I payed almost 20 bucks in all for these games and they dont even work.:mad:
  • please give me some kind of idea of what to do. I really want to play this game.
  • From what I can tell online, the Radeon 200 is an integrated graphics chipset that does not have the 3D capabilities to run our games. You could try lowering graphics quality to low and the resolution to 800x600 (if you haven't already) but unfortunately I don't think you're going to get much better performance than you already are.

    I'll be happy to issue a refund for you if you're unhappy with the performance. Just email [email][/email] to request it, so I have a record of it in our support system.
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