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TellTale Customer Service

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Nothing to see here, folks. Amy did a great job of addressing this issue. Ciao.
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  • Telltale, we can agree, is a smaller company. Because of this, their service can be a bit slower. Though their service can be called slow, it cannot be called "the worst you've ever seen." They folks are friendly and truly care about you getting your hands on your miscellanea. I've myself had problems with purchases, but they fix them as soon as they can (which might be a bit to slow for you, but, hey, they do their best) and the continue with each customer until they are certain everything is perfect (which adds to the waiting time, sure, but is [in my opinion] worth it.)

    So, to wrap up what I didn't say, I'm sorry for any delay. I personally apologize on behalf of the Telltale team. I'm sure Bonnie or Amy will stop in here to check and make sure everything is alright.

    But seriously. Dissing a sale? I would rather wait longer and save a bundle than spend a ton and get it immediately. And there are ways to file complaints without being rude. So, please, try to be friendly.

    And they "tale" in "Telltale" isn't capitalized.
  • TomPravetz;525422 said:
    Telltale, we can agree, is a smaller company. Because of this, their service can be a bit slower.
    You can tell this person joined in 2009, and possibly never even had the chance to interact with Emily. In 2008, the carbon lifeform known as "Emily" was, ostensibly, a single person. However, to this day I find it hard to believe that "Emily" was not merely an alias utilized by a team of 20 'round-the-clock PR people/customer service reps/forum mods who had gotten very good at playing a character that was, in every conceivable way, absolutely charming. Much of the reason I started to post in the forums, much of the reason I started to care about the COMPANY early on, was due to the fact that my customer service experience with Telltale was, frankly, the very best that I'd ever had with any company run by more than five or so people.

    In comparison, the company as of today has something of a....."lesser" track record.
  • Nothing to see here, folks. Amy did a great job of addressing this issue. Ciao.
  • caenicus;525431 said:
    You shouldn't apologize on behalf of the company. It's not your fault.
    Seeing your post count informs me that you are not a forum regular. Let me inform you. I rule these forums with an iron teddy bear. I do want I want. say what I want, drink what I want, and apologize for whomever I want.

  • Nothing, TomP's just being a blowhard.
  • I'm also frustrated. I, too, remember when Telltale had the best customer service I'd encountered (this was back in the Sam and Max season one and two days). I've even stopped myself from buying many of their games on Steam and got them here instead to better support Telltale as a company.

    But this is ridiculous.

    A full month with no news, no tweets, no real information about shipping problems. I know a lot of us have a lot of goodwill built up, TomPravetz included, but if a company can't work out problems like this and pretends they aren't happening in the community, then it's the COMMUNITY'S every right to spread the word. We aren't being heard or acknowledged. Why shouldn't people be allowed to complain about poor customer service?

    As a customer from outside the US, I paid a LOT of money for Telltale's "economy" shipping. More money than Telltale would realistically need to mail out some merch. If this is how customer's will be treated from now on, I'll just buy whatever Telltale junk I need off Amazon and eBay. At least it'll arrive in good time.
  • TomPravetz;525422 said:

    And they "tale" in "Telltale" isn't capitalized.

    But there logo is TTG as in TellTale Games that's why I'v always assumed it can be written both ways.
  • I am a little bit worried I'll never get my first order, (since it was a larger order and I ordered it quite a while ago), since I got my second order aaaagggesss ago. (Max hat and Ode book)
  • I've only bought two physical items from the Telltale store and I got them really quickly. This is probably because I was living so close to the Telltale warehouse that I could have driven over and picked up my order personally.
  • Okay, let's set the record straight right now, because certain people are acting as though they're rabid fanboys...

    It is absolutely correct to complain as a customer given what appears to be going on here in regards to people's orders. If the accusations are true (and I have no reason to doubt that they aren't) then people are spot on to take exception to crappy business practices.

    Seriously, this shouldn't even need pointing out! :rolleyes:

    P.S. Seeming as this forum section is called "TellTale Customer Service", I don't see why the "tale" in TellTale shouldn't be capitalized. Either way, does it really matter?! Some people really piss me off sometimes with their "holier-than-thou attitude".
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