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how about french

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bonjour à l'équipe

heureux de constater l'adaptation française de monkey island, je voulais savoir si les saisons 2 et 3 de sam et max le seront aussi.
(excellent boulot sur la 1ere saison !)

hello to the team

pleased to see the French adaptation of monkey island, I wanted to know if the seasons 2 and 3 sam and max will be too.
(great job on the first season!)
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  • Je dirais que la deuxième saison de Sam & Max est le meilleur de cette franchise particulière. Cependant, je crois que Tales of Monkey Island est la plus grande libération de TellTale jusqu'ici. Il ne peut pas nuire à donner leurs autres jeux d'essayer si, peut-il?
  • Sam & Max second season was already alrady available in French (actually, Multi-5: English, French, German, Spanish amd Italian) for PC and Wii months ago. In fact, despite I'm Spanish, I had to buy the PC version on a French store because Atari didn't sold it in Spain.
  • Merci beaucoup de vos réponses

    Je vais essayer d'en parler directement avec steam.

    Je me demande quel est leur intérêt de ne pas proposer le multi langage quand il est disponible. (ont-ils des droits supplémentaires à payer ???)

    (google thanks)

    Thank you very much for your answers

    I'll try to talk directly with steam.

    I wonder what is their interest not to provide multi language when it is available. (do they have to pay additional fees??)
  • Steam cannot help you unless the company that made the translated version allows them to sell it and give it for free to everyone who already owns the game. And here is the problem. Making the translations costs a bit of money. Money that Atari (or whoever made them) wants to get back by selling their own version of the games to you. They see no money at all from giving you these language files for free.
    The translations may be available later on on Steam, like the ones for Sam & Max Season 1 but I guess that happened because JoeWood (they did the German version of Season one of S&M) started selling games on steam around that time. And I have no idea about the deals that needed to be done so that JoeWood would actually allow Steam to offer the translated versions to everyone who had bought the games on Steam.
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